sick lip stick plant

mabdur01November 14, 2010

I bought a plant at a bazaar. I was told it is a lip stick plant need little watering and prefers indirect low light. The plant started loosig a lot of leaves, and did not bud. I read online that it like humidity, and sun from the north or east. So I moved it to my window facing east, and began misting is every now and then. It is still loosing a lot of leaves, the ends are browing, and it has not budded. Please help

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Mabdur, you were given terrible advice. Lipstick plants prefer bright light and even some full sun.
Flowers appear more in spring and summer, although if given enough light and humidity, they could bloom.
Before worrying about blooms, you need to find out the reason your lipstick is shedding so much.

When did you buy it and was it potted or bare root? What size is the pot? Some sellers plant in large pots to make a plant look bigger. A lot of soil is used, then roots end up swimming in soil.
If you're over or under-watering, leaves will drop.

Are leaves yellowing before falling off? Or just have brown ends?
Did you fertilize?
Check for bugs?

There's numerous reasons this is happening.

Check for webbs, white masses, or brown lumps. Your plant should be potted in a container with drainage holes.
Make sure soil isn't soaking wet.

A picture might help. Toni

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