Wheat in the lawn

nkesh099(6)March 25, 2013

Last September I did a total lawn renovation on my front lawn. Used Wheat Straw to cover the grass seeds (80% TTTF and 20% KB). New lawn came up excellent. While I was putting down the Straws, I had noticed quite bit of wheat grains in each bale, those grains did germinate as well. So far this year, I've used Weed-B-Gone Max to kill the wheat, but it did not work. I hate to kill all the lawn again this Fall and re-do everything, front lawn is around 7000sq ft. Last year it it took me 3 weekends to finish the project (total lawn ren.) by myself and I would not want to do it again. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the wheat?

Thank you.

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Since wheat is an annual, it shouldn't last more than a year, and usually it doesn't return after the winter. It might be that you have a weed like quack grass, or nutsedge that resembles wheat, but is a perennial that requires removal. If it is wheat, and it did make it through the winter, just mow as usual and it will disappear within the year.

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There's nothing you can buy that will kill wheat and not the desired grass, you just have to wait until it dies on its own (usually early Summer) or you can pull them out by hand.

Wheat will not come back in the Fall. Next time you seed, don't use wheat straw. Use nothing or buy germination blankets which have zero weed seeds.

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Look at the bright side. Having wheat in your yard, MAY keep the deer from eating your plants and bushes. ;-)

While so far they have not eaten any buds, they are keeping the azaleas and Camilla nicely pruned

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Thank you for the replies.

timeco, I know it's Wheat. Last Oct. and Nov. when the seedlings were coming up, pulled out many of them by hand- they all were growing from grains. About two weeks ago when it was warm, I sprayed them with Sedgehammer, thinking it would help- it did not. They kept on growing. Problem is, they grow much faster than Fescue and KB in these cool temps. Lawn is 4" tall and the wheat is 7" tall. They just don't look appealing.

auteck, I hope they will be gone by the Summer. Winter's freezing temperatures, has not slowed the down at all.
Regarding the seed germination blankets- Had planned to use those instead or the Straw, but after calculating the cost (1+K) of purchasing so many blankets from my local Lowe's, end up opting out on spending more money on the project. Plus I already had put in a good amount of money in the project- renting equipments for several days (used them only for one day, but rained for 4 days and they were just sitting in the garage), installing the irrigation system, ordering the seeds, fertilizer, 10 yards of Compost and etc etc...

"IF" I ever do another lawn ren. (which I highly doubt), I will use the blankets. No more Straws.

knuttle, Deers never come to the lawn, it's fenced. But they wander at the back where the shade trees are. They usually prune the leaves off the young Oaks and or any trees with low hanging branches.

Thank you.

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