I challange you... lol

Lamora(4)November 23, 2012

Hi all, hope your weekend is going well and safe, don't want to hear about anyone getting hurt!

I have had my suspitions about mom watering my TC for a while now, (tho I haven't caught her) it has not dried out at all. Not wanting to blame mom for it (everyone else knows to leave it alone) I was just assuming that it was the old soil not drying out... well, DH watched her yesterday watering it! I was wondering why there was a glass next to it, but again, that's mom's thing, putting things where they don't belong. He told me what she did, and daddy said he has seen her do it several times!! A few times a week!! UGGGGH!! I don't know where to put it so she won't water it. She sure does like it. Keeps talking about how much it has grown, (it hasn't). She thinks it is hers. Hate to tell her it isn't...

I am going to repot it soon (I hope) and with much faster draing soil mix. Maybe that would help with her over watering it. I don't know what to do about it. I really don't have another place for it but where it is. I could tell her not to water it, but she forgets in 2 mins what you just told her. She doesn't mess with the others because they are all in my room, if they were where she sees them all day tho, that would be a problem.

It doesn't seem any "worse for the wear" but that may explain why there is no new growth or flowers on it. Was thinking about putting up like chicken wire all around it so she can't reach it! But I don't think that would work either-- /sigh. She would find a way... plus it wouldn't look good.

So this is my Challange: how do you get a mom that has alzthimers not to water your plants?

Anyone up for a challange? :)


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My daughter says people with Alzheimers are amenable to reading signs. So how about trying with a sign: 'Please, Mam, do not water this plant' If it is just her memory that is at fault, that just might do the trick.

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Maybe you can buy her a plant of her own, possibly a plant that can take excessive watering. If she's enjoying caring for a plant I think that it's important to allow her to continue (though w/o harming your plant), especially if she's developing Alzheimers as this is something she can still control and somewhat understand. Maybe she would leave your plant alone. If not try placing something along the inside edge of the pot to deflect the water or is there any way to put it out of her reach? Good luck.

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I agree with the sign idea. Maybe it could read "I'm not thirsty yet,thank you! " and then put a great big smiley face afterward. :)

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

srry its kinda funny, but not sorta,,, just the way you presented it i think,,
maybe a fake plant??
or some kinda fake self-watering pot, that Doesnt......work??
just collects water in the bottom till you can dump it later??
interesting dilema.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hugs to you and your family!!

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Thanks for the idea of the sign, it may work. Like I said, there is no other place for it right now. Oh did I mention the ducks she collects? They are around the plant. She keeps moving them so she can see them better, turns the plant around too.. I told her the ducks like to hide under it, she bought it for a while. Watched her today moving the plant again for them.. gotta love her. :)

My DH is trying to find a place to put another shelf in here, easy for me to reach~~ haha. But I hate taking it away from her. Maybe a sign will be the answer.. if I put it in the plant itself. I think she would take it off the wall.

purple- thanks for the hugs.. needed it today :)

p/s-- I apoligize for my spelling.. wish that spell check would come back home, I miss it...

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