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john-88March 26, 2013

Hello everyone, me and my dad have been trying to revive/ repair our front and backyard for a few weeks now.

I was just curious what type of grass or weed this is? We have some areas of the lawn covered with this. We are digging out sections at a time to reseed with Tall Fescue. This stuff is very tough and hard to dig out and seems to have extensive roots. I was thinking it may be Bermuda grass? My dad calls it "Devil Grass".

What type of grass is this?

And what kind of plant is this? We bought it 2 years ago, hoping it would crowd the other plants an spread, but it is very slow to spread. Anyway to deal with the clovers growing in them?

We have lived here 20+ years and have not taken care of the lawn or yard too well except mowing it and watering every now and then. Everyone in the neighborhood has nice yards, ours is an eyesore!


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That's common bermuda.

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So the first two pics are Bermuda grass? I guess me and my dad were right then lol. We sorta argued about it, me saying Bermuda and him saying devil grass (I googled devil grass, guess its a nickname for Bermuda).

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