SportscarguyMarch 30, 2014

My lawn usually looks good in the spring but by the end of July to August, these big ugly weeds come out in my backyard.

What is the best thing to do and what fertilizer do you recommend?

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andy10917(NY 6a)

It isn't at all about a particular brand of fertilizer that is better than others. For the most part, fertilizer is a commodity despite what all of the brands try to say. The secret is in applying the right ingredients at the right times, and staying with a plan for the whole season. Too many people make a big splash in the Spring and then trail off in the most important times: late Summer and Fall. 2/3rds of your fertilizing should be in the Fall.

Google the article "Weed Control: The Triangle Approach" and you'll see an easy approach to beating common and uncommon weeds this year, and anyone can do it - even rookies.

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I read the article and its best not to apply a pre-crabgrass fertilizer in the spring?

My lawn is large in the back and what is a good approach for over 1 acre of property? Know that I did spray for weeds last year and it did not seem to help at all.

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