Fairy Houses

PurplemoonJune 18, 2010

I was browsing some blogs and stumbled across this one where a gal had the neatest little fairy houses. She found them at TJMaxx of all places! Wow. I need to get there and see if my local one has these.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Fairy Houses

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Marlene Kindred

How cool are they! Thanks for sharing the link...I've never seen any fairy houses like that...especially at TJ Maxx.

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The whole thing looks neat! Too bad she never mentioned what they were made of? They look ceramic to me. I see she used bird houses as well. When birdhouses became a large rage several years back, I found one at Ross that was so nice (two story house) that I set it in my fireplace. I have a gnome town in my fireplace around the faux logs (gas flame fireplace - makes too much noise when you use it so I don't use it anymore). I had found another birdhouse that is a barn so it accompanies the other big house. I found a picket fence material for minitures and it corrals some wooden geese. Oh I have way too much junk in the house...oh my! I then have christmas lights all strung about the houses, gnomes, geese and vintage style bottle brush x-mas trees that are not flocked (1 foot and smaller). There are more items in these scene but too much to jabber about...lol!

I would think if you want to re-create these you could take regular wooden birdhouses and either slather on hypertufa, cement, stucco, glue on mini tiles, stones or glass marblettes and re-create a faux stone house. I made some garden houses several years ago and made up a crazy mix of paint, sealer, gesso, varnish and playground sand to make a kinda stucco. I glued on the flattened marbles to mimic stained glass windows. I took long straight tree branch sticks to use as trim. I glued rough edged rocks on the roof with thick 'liquid nails' glue for a roof. I had used the top of a soup can and a brass brad to make a clockface to put at the front top of the house. (These where tall houses - got the idea from a garden train yard)
[Clockface. Punch a hole in the middle of the can lid and insert your brad..brads usually have 2 different size legs..so one becomes your hour hand and the other your minute hand. Just bend so they lay flat against the can lid. I did not add numerals...but you could add those with a paint pen or sharpie]

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How pretty! I can see why her grandkids love playing there. I wouldn't mind playing there! lol TFS!

Socalliegal, I'd love to see your fairy houses!

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Socal, its pretty easy to see these houses are ceramic I think is why she didn't mention it. Yes, there are many ways to make your own.. and other GJers have done some wonderful ones. (Luvstoclick really does a great job and sells her). But for folks who don't have the inclination to do that, this is a nice alternative.

I personally find these unique and charming and thought others would too.

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