Plate backs , silicone & bad weather (pics)

toomuchglass(5)June 26, 2012

I decided to make a bunch of plate flowers to hang on my fence last spring . I've been watching them to see how they hold up . I'm happy to report -- they made it through Wisconsin's weird just weather GREAT !

They've been out in -- snow,hail,freezing temps,high gusts of wind,spring rain , dry spells, sweltering heat and worst of all .... %^*%@! squirrels using them to climb on ! LOL

I want to show you the back of them . I bought some kind of cheap chain by the foot at Ace hardware store , bent it open so one part was flat and one part was sticking out ,and used GE Silicone 2. Here's a pic of the back -

It's about a quarter sized glob. The secret is to lay a blob on the plate --- and work your hanger into it , so the hanger is enveloped on both sides with silicone.

Here's a pic of the plate that was hanging up - it's 3 layers of glass (alittle bit of weight ) . I've also used GE Silicone 2 also to glue them together.

I know we all value experiments ! So for me -- 2 thumbs up for GE silicone 2 ..... and for using something as simple as bent chain for hangers !! :)

*big smile* !

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cnm1(6 Oh)

Thanks for the tip. I have been a plate flower craze - 12 in the last week. I want to do a collection on one section of my fence. This will be perfect!!

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Lookin' good! Jeanne S.

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Thanks for sharing----
I really trust and believe in the GE silicone 2 for windows and doors.
It has held up great for me in all weather too!

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Marlene Kindred

Thanks for the tutorial Toomuch! Hadn't thought of using the chain as a hanger, but I will now!

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Thanks for the great pics and ideas!! Your plate flower is really pretty.

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Thanks for the pic and info. Great idea!!!!

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