Creepy Bowling Ball suggestions

lizzardlyJune 5, 2010

I'm working on a project for the back of my yard in front of the fence to help screen the house behind us. I just finished up the 1st of 3 hypertufa pots that will be planted with elephant ears.

Then I saw a bowling ball someone made that was painted bronze and covered with lizards. Then I saw some cute little frogs at the dollar store and thought that would look good on another one. Then my son suggested I do one also with snakes (YIKES! I don't like snakes but think this could look really cool.)

My dilema is that I was going to do pot, ball, pot, ball, pot. But if I do 3 balls I'll just HAVE TO make another one to make the spacing work out.

So.. after all that my question is what other kind of critter could I do? I thought maybe spiders, but the legs are so small I don't think they'd hold up very well. I'd end up with a ball of spider feet.

Can you think of anything else that would fit with the creepy crawly, but of course very cool looking vignette?

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I love the way you think ! LOL ... Are you buying the creepy crawlies - or making them ?

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Don't know if you looked at bowling balls in the "Inspiration Album" for GJer's here...but here's the link. There's an octapus one!

Here is a link that might be useful: Inspiration Album Bowling Balls

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

If you are using those little rubber creatures, I think I have seen bags of centipedes. That would creep me out BIG time. They have thicker legs than the spiders I have seen and are larger and easier to see, but still different from a snake. I have also seen beetles, flies, scorpions, even cockroaches.

Depending how far into the creep factor you want to go, I have also seen eyeballs. (lol)

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Won't it dependon what you can find?

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how about some grass hoppers?....that'd be cool, with the legs all folded, like they are.

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Okay these are not creepy but cool, how about turtles or fishes?

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loribee2(CA 9)

I can't top the suggestions you've already received, but I had to add that the title of your post leaves me aching to play with spheres. I'd love to pay homage to Calvin & Hobbes by creating a permanent "snowman" in my back yard, complete with head in his rebar hand. LOL I'm just warped enough to do it.

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Some great suggestions. It will depend on what I can find, but if I spread the word on what I'm looking for someone might see it in a store.

I like the centipede idea. We were in the DS yesterday and there was a bag of mixed bugs. I think that might be the way I'm going to go.

I'll keep you posted.

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Loribee2 - I was thinking the same thing. If I could figure out how to aquire that many bowling balls - it would be hysterical to do the snow family in that same C&H snowman series. :D

I went on a hunt today for some of those rubber lizards and found tree frogs - those would be really cool. But then again - I have a little bit of a frog garden.

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Ok slight change in plans- not snakes but snake. Just one of the bigger rubber snakes coiled around the ball with his head sticking up.

The fourth ball will be dragonflies or bugs... depends on what I find first.

Guess I better find two more bowling balls too! I've only got 2 and it took me months to find them.

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You GOTTA post a pic of it all when it's done!!!

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Found another ball on the way home. I ducked into a ts I don't often make it to and they had one! I was a good girl too. I grabbed the bowling ball and perused the beautiful but too pricey glassware and left. Gotta get home to feed the little people. Kids expect regular meals.

So just need one more ball...

Jane I'll post pics as soon as it's complete. Don't give up on me a move a tad bit slower than you do. You were a speed demon on that wonderful castle.

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Ok its settled the 4th ball will be centipedes and scorpions. Found some a the dollar store tonight.

Now I just need to finish the second pot, make the third one and then make all four balls.

My boys are really loving sniggering about Moms bronze balls. Uh!!!! But what can you do? They are boys...

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