Yes, I need an intervention...

tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)November 1, 2012

At WM yesterday for diapers... and I always have to check out the plant section.

Wouldnt ya know it, they had a drac. deremensis on sale for $1.50. And it wasnt in bad shape at all. A little brown on a few edges, but other than that it looked great.

THEN, Lowes had a butterfly plant for $1.

I had to. Really...I am done now.. There is definitely no place for me to sneak anymore in without over crowding them and my hubby not noticing. ;)

I am excited though because I had my eye on a drac. deremensis for sometime now. Will get pics once Jake gets up from his nap.

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Tiff..simple solution..

If hubby asks where 'X' plant came from, just say, 'I've had it a while.' It works. lol.

At those prices, how could you pass up? Especially if you wanted Dracaena anyway....

Warning: browsing plants in a store or online is a sure way to end up with hundreds. Believe me, that's how it starts..before you know it.............your family will notify plant intervention, and you'll end up on TV.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi All,

Yes, Toni, that can be the start of it.

Just popping in for a quick word (from the office), that is exactly why I have never allowed myself to buy anything on EBay. I have only even gone there to look at something mentioned in posts maybe twice.

In a serious note Tiff, if you really ARE done & out of room tell yourself the only places you have left will not serve the plants well.

Thanks too Tiff, for your lovely & generous offer (on another thread )of replacement plants if I need them. I'm an apartment dweller, so happily they're all inside.

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Yes, I know I need an intervention. I think I've bought about 10 new plants this past week...which is an average for me. This past week I've gotten 2 new Ceropegia woodii, 1 Pilea Aquamarine, 1 Peperomia caperata, 1 Cyperus involucratus, 1 Senecio NOID, a very huge clump of Ledebouria luteola from, 1 Rhipsalis NOID,and another pink wandering jew cause it was on clearance, and I know theirs more but I cant think of them right now lol...

I also bought the book 'The Unexpected Houseplant' today, which I really love.

It's a terrible addiction...I know how you feel tifflj!!Maybe someday we'll be roomies in plant rehab lol.


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Butterfly Plant?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

I was curious about that also, Larry.

Tiff, it sounds from your posts like you're already challenged trying to provide your existing plants with enough light. I know the heartache of unbridled shopping when there's not a proper home to provide and would hate to see you suffer through that sadness and frustration. You seem to have pretty good instincts for plants, and excellent enthusiasm, but that can't make up for insufficient conditions. It's easy to say, not as easy to do.

...As someone who couldn't pass the "other" WM yesterday while doing other errands, I don't have much room to talk, except from experience which I also conveniently push aside when there's plants for sale. I did find 2 I wanted but when I went to get in line, there were like 8 people in front of me. Could have made me late for the school bus, not an option, so I left with nothing - whew!

I've drawn the same line as PG, have never even looked at plants for sale on the WWW except to see what I might find when I visit a place in person.

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Larry, Purple...sorry, thats what the tag said...nephthytis it also said.

Purple, yuou are exactly right. However, i spent the last 2 weeks studying and researching all of my plants needs and wants, likes and dislikes. And took your obvious advice and have begun grouping plants together. I also have been getting the watering process down to a better science and feel better about that. As you saw I bought a lamp and a light to help provide a little extra light during these depressing months of winter. Its not optimum, but it is better that what theyhave and will hopefully aid in their overall health.

There is alot of new growth on the new plants I received and I am happy about that. They are looking good and seem to be taking root in their pots. I am proud.

Also, the constant encourgment from you and all the other wonderful people here helps.

I feel confident I am on the right track now.

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Karen, I'm not trying to convince you...but I know how much you love Sans..Online varieties are amazing!!!

BTW, how is your Sans? in water doing?

FPT..Wow, 10 plants in a You chose really nice types. Any pics?

Actually, it isn't a terrible addiction...there are a LOT worse addictions if one so chooses.

Tiff..your plant is sold under the name Nepthytis/Syngonium and common name Arrowhead Plant. A climber when mature.

I think we ARE

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

I thought so Toni. I have an arrowhead already, which has been a finiky problem child from day one. But we seem to be getting along better these days. Brat ;)

Her leaves are much bigger than this new one I picked up for a buck. and the new one is super full, where I have like 5 stems on the older I thought it might be a different variety..

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The problem I have is that every time it seems like I'm out of room for plants, I think of one more place that I can squeeze in a plant, or start getting interested in another group of plants that can adapt to conditions in parts of the house that are not yet colonized.

At least you're sticking with fairly cheap plants.

I've already gotten all the "common" plants that I want, but I find myself getting interested in shopping online for more unusual stuff now. Try to avoid ever getting into groups of plants like Clivia or orchids - not only are the individual plants often fairly expensive, but there are thousands of varieties to collect. You're really better off staying with the fairly inexpensive HD and Lowe plants rather than being like me and scouting out unusual Paphs and Masdevallias. :-p

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Are you intimidated knowing your new plant is a Syngonium? LOL! I felt the same way when I realized I'd bought an Anthurium earlier this year. I've killed so many! You can do it, I can do it. Positive thinking! There are a TON of different Syngoniums, and the cultivars that get bred. Have you checked Exotic Angel site to see if it's one of theirs? Most house plants seem to be lately, especially if they're from a BBS.

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Ahhhh...yes. I'll admit to 'some' responsibility here..
*hides head*... It was only mere weeks ago that I found our beloved Tiff over at Dave's with a question on inherited plants. Now, not much more than a Month later, the collection has grown. Soil medium, improved. Watering as needed as opposed to as wanted..
Suddenly.. More plants. A grow light. A sponge for knowledge...
Probably No stopping her now..
*Thinks... how to throw the blame on Toni.. on Al.. on Purp..on Larry..*

Maybe a quick fix is to do what my son has done.. he fitted me with one of those "Electric Fence' collars.. If I go within 5 feet of the plant room at Wally World.. well, it's not good.. :-)


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

And you're admitting that in public, in writing? Impressive, you're truly a "bucks stops here" kinda guy. Bravo!

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Nephwhatis? Still need info

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birdsnblooms you have a photo?
According to Wiki, Syngonium is a genus of about 36 species..actually, I thought there were more, but who am I to argue w/Wiki. :)

Charlie and guys are too funny... :)

Charlie, blame me? Al, Purple and Larry? lol..
One doesn't need their arm twisted adding more plants...we're all plant addicts, some more than others, probably need an intervention. One reason we stick together or joined GW in the first place. :)

Summer...I agree, but one can find bargains on Especially smaller, seedlings.

I got into Clivias a few years ago..Variegated..ended up ordering several from China.. 15-20.00 each. They were good-sized, 8-15" and semi-full.
An Exotic Angel basket goes for 15-20.00, plus tax.

A couple years ago Mealy found a way in and made homes on my Clivias. I was defeated..ended up in the trash.
I now have two..or four if divided..A seedling and one sowed from seed 1982.

The same applies to Orchids..starting out w/small specimens saves $. Thankfully, my Orchids didn't contract mealy, so they're fine.

I guess, any one variety can be addicting. Think I have more succulents than tropicals.
15+ yrs ago, I never thought it'd possible. I didn't care much for succulents, but this was pre-internet..local stores had the same, old types.

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Hey guys. I finally was able to post a picture...Love it. She had pretty pinkish, purpleish veins. What a nice accent.

Larry, Nepgwhatit? HAHAHA. Syngonium, Arrowhead. Your Funny.

Charlie! Yes, it is ALL your fault. You picked my up like a hitchhiker and brought me here, knowing full well what would happen. ;-)

Purple, No I am not intimidated, I am excited. The older Arrowhead doesnt know whoe she is messing with now and I mean business. It has been a journey so far with her. Bottom leaves turning yellow here and there. She has just been a brat so far. She is making head way it seems now. Has vines coming from older leaf stems. About 3 of them. But it is slow. Yes, It is an Exoctic Angel.

FPT. I just bought the book "The Houseplant Expert", since I have heard so many good things abou it.

Pirate Girl. No problem. I didnt just mean plants. I didnt know how rough your situation would be and wanted to send whatever you needed, clothes, whatever... Glad you seem to be ok up there.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

They're sending bigger plants you your WM than mine. That's a good lookin plant!

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

this is how it all Starts see,
Tiff posts about Walmart, Polly posts about Lowes sales,, Toni starts mentioning fleebay,,
is it any wonder i go out shopping? i just cant get away from it,, theres No end in sight,, and You Ladies are TOTALLY to Blame! lolol

i met a woman at the oudoor section of Walmart, we started talkin about plants,
she said she had 350 Plants!??
woooah! Tiff, we got a Loooong way to go,, hehe

actually i had made 2 seperate trips trying to catch a Mngr,,
so 2 trips, 12 mins waiting for an associate, and another 10 mins in an angry, growing line w/a frustrated cashier,, all to get 50% off of 3 plants.

...and this doesnt count the ones from L*wes, and HD that same day,,, :x

Crassula ovata 'crosby's compact' maybe?

Schefflera group ASST 15oz, yup Another one lol

Ficus ~green island~? 'Bonsai'

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