crazy weather!

indigosunshineJune 1, 2013

I took this picture from my garage last night; it seems to rain every day. I haven't a seed in the mud...ur ground yet and I have to replace a lot of perennials. It is so wet my garden junk wants to tip over. Shouldn't complain though, my heart goes out to everyone in Oklahoma and elsewhere that have had devastating storms.

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That's a beautiful shot!! My heart also goes out to those in Oklahoma. I grew up there and one of them leveled half my hometown in 1955. We still family members there, some who were very close to the tornadoes yesterday.

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What a nice pic. Mighty hot in the south......already tired of watering every day. Everything looks nice in the mornings and then by the time I get home in the evenings the sun has made everything wilt and have to water all again. Can't imagine what July and August is going to be like.
My heart goes out to the folks in Oklahoma, I shouldn't be complaining about such a trivial problem!

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Marlene Kindred

Crazy weather for sure! We had a very wet April and early May, then it just got HOT! It's been a roller coaster here in week it's in the 90's, then it drops to the 70's. Very crazy!

Prayers continue for all of those in harm's way with this weather!

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Nice shot. Thank you for sharing.

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Crazy weather is right! We haven't had rain for weeks here, then yesterday a storm popped up and we got the rain, thank goodness. But we also got a micro burst along our street. My neighbors shed and dog pen got lifted up and tossed in their backyard. There was debri and garbage cans, patio chairs rolling down the street. My regret is that it broke a totem I had just finished and didn't take a picture of yet. Scattered my yard junk down the drive way and blew over my bottle tree. No bottles broke!!! But at least the ground got some moisture.
I also feel for the people in the tornado zone, what happened here is MILD compared to what they have had to endure. God bless them!

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