eastern nc dilema

shoalduckerMarch 22, 2014

After this brutal winter I have some places in my lawn that needs repair. It's a tall fescue lawn in eastern NC. Slowly temps are creeping up, and I was planning to do the dreaded spring over seed today. The dilemma is it's possibly going to snow this Tues. (maybe) and temps will dip for three days with rain! Should I wait? It shouldn't germinate for 14 days or so. I am afraid if I wait to long it will get hot and the seedlings will have no chance at making it. Thanks!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I've never heard of a "spring overseed." Maybe that's because I turn off the volume when I see springtime Scott's commercials. I've heard of fall overseed, but spring is the wrong time of year to seed fescue. Why? Because spring is right before summer and the new seedlings will have no chance of making it. Late August is a much better time to do the job. Can you nurse it along until then or is it too thin now? If you have to do it now, then you have to, but you already know the possible (likely?) consequences.

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