Henbit in Virginia

walt1(7 a)March 31, 2014

Hello Folks,

It's that time of year for Henbit to pop up, I have to spray every Spring to contol it.

Is there a ideal time to spray for this? I've been using Speedzone, what usually happens.....I'll have to apply two applications.

I like to hit it as soon as possible....I don't want it to go to seed! Also, I would like to only spray just once but after initial spray it still returns.

Lawn has ttf mostly.
Any info will be appreciated!

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forsheems(Lexington, NC)

At this time of year the henbit is actively growing and dropping seeds which will mostly lay dormant until cooler weather in the late fall when they will germinate. A pre emergent application in late September should prevent the seeds from germinating and starting the cycle over again next spring. For now the only thing you can do is spot spray the weeds you have and try your best to keep them from seeding.

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walt1(7 a)

Thanks ForsheeMS, Appreciate the info!

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