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PrestonsnanaJune 22, 2011

I recycled some old plastic pails by burying them in the ground filled with several varieties of mint plants to keep the mint from spreading where I don't want it to go. I want to make a sign to hang over them with a clever saying on it that says something about mint. Since many people think of mint as nearly a weed because it spreads so bad, hubby suggested my sign say "I mint to plant this!" That's kind of OK, but not really what I want...anybody have any ideas for a mint sign?

BTW...I posted this question somewhere (I don't think it was here) and I can't find it, so can't read the responses, so I'm posting it here...hope this isn't a duplicate! Thanks!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I'm at a loss but maybe a play onwords since mint also refers to where our money is made? (I also tried to think of words that rhyme with mint, theres not much out there!)


I don't look like much but I'm worth a mint!

Mint condition!

OR something referring to how we use mint:

Don't crush me. (I'm worth a mint)

Be sure to let us know, post a pic of the sign.
i like your idea of planting it in recycled plastic contianers.


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princess_mimi(z5 6 OH)

You could be "Punny"!

I hope it's not a Detrimint

That could be permamint

put an weapon in it and call it spear-mint

It should make a Statemint

What kind of establishmint is this?

Tee hee!


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Bad'mint'on Scores!

Badminton Rules!

badminton setting!

"Mint(meant)to grow here!"

Oh well, "bad-mint-on" (so that's why it needs planted in containers!) Love it, too! Jeanne S.

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I like the suggestion your husband had Prestonsnana!

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I like hubbys idea
too !!

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Mint condition.
They mint well.
It was mint to be.

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So Many Mint, So Little Thyme...

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