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sunshine_mom(6)November 13, 2013

Hi Everyone! I got this gardenia about a year ago for my birthday and haven't done anything to it besides watering it and getting rid of flying insects once. I'd like to repot and prune it, but have lack of experience. Can you give your suggestions. What would you do? Thank you.

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I apologize, as I'm not providing you with any answers, but I wanted to say that your gardenia looks pretty nice for having had it for a year! My Mother tried growing these outdoors and you would of figured they would have done well, but they didn't make it. >.> Congrats on growing one indoors successfully (I've read they're not the easiest to grow inside).


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Thank you! I did have many leaves brown at one point during the summer and some insects. After I got rid of them the leaves got more healthy. I also never allowed direct sunlight on it. The thing that I'm not happy about is that the branches grow all over the place and looks messy. Plus, it got so long that it looks more like a tree than a bush. I'd like it to shorter and have more full foliage. That's why I was wondering how I can prune it since I've never done this before. I've seen some videos on youtube but still afraid to do it.

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P.S. Pic just to show you how uneven it looks from the top.

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See if this post will help you :>)


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