Is it me, or is Scott's fertilizer more expensive than ever?

brian7972ri(z7(RI))March 22, 2009

$59.99 for Step 1 (15,000 sf)

44.99 for Step 2

49.99 for Step 3

44.99 for Step 4

I'm 100% organic, so this won't affect me, but these prices seem a good 30% higher than last year. Can't be fuel prices. Any idea why the huge jump this season?

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garycinchicago(Z5 Chicago IL.)

Here's a couple of snipets from a Scotts rep.

"The product was made after the price of oil was locked for manufacturing, and that was well before it took a nose-dive that nobody saw coming"

"As for prices, it all goes back to commodity costs: price per oil. When this stuff was made, the price of oil per barrel was very high, and petro is used to make urea, as well as the plastic for the packaging, and finally it figures in to the costs for shipping."

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Ah, well that explains it. thanks for the info...

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I use the turbuilder 5 or 10k sf bags from lowes which appears to the same price it has been for the past 10 years which is about $8 or $16 for the bigger bag.

I am not on the 4 step program though. ⺠That's just too many steps for me.

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