Latest garden creations....quite the variety

Marlene KindredJune 19, 2011

Haven't created the Damsel Fly yet, but we're on the hunt for parts. DH has really been bitten by the creativity pun intended! Here are his latest creations.

First, meet shovel fish....a clown fish of sorts.

Next, we borrowed Robert's snail idea to create one of our own. Used a blade from a harrow (farm implement), two light globes and some cabinet knobs for eyes. DH created the leaf from a carbide saw blade.

Next is Rocky the turtle. He is made from a floor drain, railroad spikes and various other parts. DH decided to go for the whimsical look and even gave him tennis shoes....hoping to speed him up a little.

And lastly, Hector the mosquito has been on the forum before, but DH gave him a facelift.

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I like them pretty good, you betcha.


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The critters are on the move in your gardens, Marlene! Watch out! Your DH's creative juices are flowing & I do think he's been bitten by the bug! Fun garden art! TFS! Jeanne S.

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marlene...those are awesome. I love them all. Your DH is very talented and creative. Thank you for sharing.

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The fish,snail & turtle are cute as can be!! Wouldn't want to mess with the mosquito, he looks mean & looking for meat!! Jan

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How could I not love a PURPLE fish!! LOL. Its great, and so is the snail.
The turtle had me laughing with his tennis shoes.
The mosquito is a bit too realistic ;o) so I wouldn't want to run into him. Literally! LOL.

Your DH needs to have a DH Training Class, I know at least one who should take it!!
hugs, Karen

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Those are great, really like the turtle with his sneakers and the mosquito. I have a pair of size 13 running shoes and parts for a roadrunner sitting on my welding table that I'd like to get to soon.
I also have a long list of honey do's taped to refrigerator by my DW. She's a tall Irish lass that gives DH training classes and I have a low threshold for pain. The roadrunner will have to wait awhile longer.

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Very creative - they are all impressive! I think I like the snail the best! Great job

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Fabulous! so creative. I too love the snail the best, tho it is hard to choose.

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Wonderful critters!!!!
I want them all!!!!!!

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All so cute !!! Love them.

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These are wonderful!!!! i have always wanted to learn how to make things like this! I don't think anyone would trust me with welding materials tho.....ha

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They are all fantastic, love the purple shovel fish. It's so cool, pretty soon you'll have your own zoo.

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