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StacieWacie92November 9, 2012

Not too sure what to do with my peace lily. I had a HUGE peace lily from my aunts funeral and it was doing pretty well for about a week. Well our apartment had flooded due to plumbing problems and we had two huge machines put in our apartment. One was a dehumidifier, which is what I think really hurt my plant. I was in a hotel for a four day weekend with those machines running the entire time. Well it was drooping really bad, so I watered it. Never bloomed back up. So I decided to split the plant up(the plant was so huge it was in 10 pieces). I decided I was going to keep two and give the rest to my family. I have one growing in water(just to see if it'll actually thrive) and the other one is in soil with some water beads on top to hold in moisture. Well neither plant is doing well. It's still drooping. I just gave them both some miracle gro all purpose house plant food yesterday. Still nothing. Both are next to a window, where it has bright indirect light. I can't tell if my problem is too much water or not enough. Where the leaves start, it's bent big time. It's a light colored green, and it seems to be soft when you touch it. Is there a way to be able to tell if there is too much or too little water? Please help.

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Hi Stacie. First, I'm sorry you lost your aunt.

When you say a huge PL, do you mean the leaves are large 10-15" long..plant 4-5 feet tall?

The dehumidifier didn't help, but do you think that's the main problem?

When and how much water a plant needs is difficult to answer. It depends on light, pot size, soil and temps.
Can you please inform us?

Dividing stresses a plant, too. Leaves might not be perky for a while, until PL adapts to its new container.

My variegated PL is in a west window, 'bathroom' 5" pot, and gets a drink when soil is just barely dry.

My green PL 'during summer, house is hot,' is watered more often..In fact, I let water sit in an outer pot..The green PL is kept in a south window.
Since days have been gray, it gets infrequent drinks. The room is cool, w/gray skies.

It'll help if you answer the questions...Toni

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Well, I figured out what the issue was. I think. Haha. I pampered the newly transplanted and divided peace lillies by trimming off the browning on the leaves and also gave it some all purpose plant food by miracle gro. I had another part of my peace lily that I wanted to grow hydroponically, but then changed my mind and put it back in soil(after trimming off the soggy and disgusting looking roots). Now all of them are super perky and look extremely happy. I didn't need to change anything else except give it a good few gulps of water and a tad bit of food:) Before I divided my plant, it was a good 4 to 5 feet tall. I am thinking that if I just put it in a SLIGHTLY bigger pot, then the peace lily would have been a happy camper. I think in the long run, dividing it was worth it. Now I have multiple peace lily plants in all the rooms in my apartment. No one in my family wanted any due to having pets running around the house. I also have one more question, because I can't seem to find anything online. I have one leaf on one of my peace lily plants that has one side rolled in. I'm thinking it's a semi new leaf, but i'm not too terribly sure. When I try to unroll the leaf, it just rolls right back up. I'm not concerned about this at all, just a bit curious. I'm going to see if I can post a picture of the peace lily before I divided it.

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