Question - Potties in your garden?

sprout_wi(z4 WI)June 3, 2010

Do you any of you have toilets in your garden? I have seen one or two in the inspiration albums, but am wondering if anyone has photos to share, or can tell me how you use it (hopefully, as a planter LOL). Thanks


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lol......that's too funny....
just today my S.O offered to take the toilet out in the back yard, to throw it up in the mountain, where he works at a Christmas tree farm..
I said..."NO"
that's going to be planted, right at the end point of the fence, dividing me and my neighbor...
I have an offer from a friend, who is going to take a piece of plywood, cut the top, in the shape of an outhouse roof and his wife and I are going to paint a tromp'lei of that outhouse, with the real toilet in front of it, with ivy trailing out of it...
I know it's tacky and I said I wasn't going to stoop to that level but hey, the she/half of the neighbor has royally pi$$ed me off, by video taping me this past weekend.
so, I can post it in a while but for now, it's in the digging and planting stage.
serves her right, for thinking she's all that!
there are some cute ones on google image search...

(no apology here...)

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Sounds nice...can't wait to see pics!!


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spedigrees z4VT

I love gar*den junk, but not toi*lets!! I know I'm in the minority here, but toilets are NOT something I want to look at ever. . . in the gar*den or even the hou*se. They are a necessity in the hou*se but will never be on display among my flo*wers! Sinks, yes; but toi*lets, never!

I have worse neighbors than you, strawberry (nasty boundary dispute dragging on for years now & 10s of thousands in legal expenses) but planted toi*lets would have no effect on them with their acres of junk cars. And we cannot do anything remotely antagonistic that might hurt our case. Good luck with your neighbors but it may be some comfort to know that they could be worse. They could be trying to steal your land and tearing down your fe*nces and cutting your tr*ees. At least yours limit their interference to nosey complaints.

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amigirl(Fl 9)

Yes, I have a pottie in my backyard with flowers planted in it. I put a sign in front of it that says, "POT O' POSIES". I also have an old washtub planted with petunias and its' sign says, "TUB O' TUNIAS."

I say, "GO FOR IT."


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We were re-modeling our master bath when my niece came to visit. She had just gotten a new tent and wanted to sleep out in the backyard to test it out. DH took the toilet we had removed from the bath and put it next to her tent with a patio umbrella over it. She thought it was hilarious! Wish I had a picture.

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kudzukween(8 MS)

i don't have one myself, but not far away someone has a couple, one on each side of the end of their driveway. they look cute as long as something is growing in them! i do have chamber pots with plants in them lol!

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Marlene Kindred

The idea of toilets is totally a personal choice, but make sure if you live in a subdivision, that you check with your HOA to see if they are allowed. I don't live in a subdivision, so I don't ever think about that, but I did know of a lady who had lots of trouble after the fact.

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maozamom NE Ohio

We have an old bathroom sink we use as a fountain but when we replaced a toilet earlier this year we threw the old one away.

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

That's my problem MTM, I can't bear to throw ANYTHING away, if I can get one more use out of it. I don't have a trash house, but I do tend to hang on to things because I 'never know when this might come in handy. (lol).

If I DO throw something away, sure as shootin' I will come up with a brilliant idea for it, just as the trash man is driving away.

I definitely plan to use the toidy in my garden. I live on 5 acres and plan a vignette in an out of the way spot along a little path in my hosta garden. I will submit photos when it is complete and then y'all will want one (lol).

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Hey you guys might think I am nuts, but sometimes I have to go so bad while working in the yard sometimes I wish I had a pottie out there. LOL! If I had a yard big enough and was close to a rural setting I would have a REAL reals! I have seen old potties in the garden and think they are cute if done in a cute way. I have seen old tires stacked to grow tomatoes, thought that was kinda interesting for a raised garden technique.
My dad always tinkered with the idea of an outside shower. I think maybe one day I will try to install one...cause you sure get dirty working in the yard!

Here is a link that might be useful: outside showers

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Although I have admired some of the yard toilets I've seen on this forum (an incredible mosaiced one comes to mind and another one painted dark red was beautiful) I don't want one in my yard. It wouldnt' be a pleasant association for me personally. Admiring someone elses is different than looking at one everyday at your own house.
Becky, what are they using the video of you for? I'm wondering if its legal in your state for them to do that. Its not legal in NH to audio tape someone without their knowledge. I don't know about videos.

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concrete, I happen to stumble upon some of those potties on gardenweb. I did see that entirely mosaicaed! But I usually like the ones that are just the bottom bowl, so they look more like what they are a pot - pottie! lol

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well, when the sheriff came to talk to them, he let her know that it wasn't illegal to take pictures but it for sure was illegal for her to be in my yard, without my permission at any time.
the pictures, cam corder, video or whatever she actually had will be for naught, cuz there really isn't anything she can do with them..what, show the county supervisor?
I'm already scheduled for a talk with him, this coming Thursday.
friends of mine are going with me...they both have some experience with county officials and they really want to go, to let the supervisor 'what for'..they've been aware of what it's causing me, since it started, namely medical harm.
I've been to the family clinic, fire department and hospital over it (IV drip, with anti anxiety meds, EKG and bp monitoring for around 4 hours) and we all agree that it's got to stop.

I was working out in my yard today, first time really, since the county guy came's difficult to get the right frame of mind, when I think.."am I doing this for me, or for the outcome of the deal with the office?"
I never had to think like that before and I want to get back to the easy, free thinking I'm used to.
I will but it's going to take a bit of healing.

I may have to call in a circle of friends and have a "cleansing, ceremonial dance" in the yard...burn a little white sage and have a bit of horn pipe

that oughta fix it all up~

what I like about the yard, is all the trees, that provide enough shade to protect shade loving plants and it smells sweet, like a camping park...something about camping, with fires, that has a special sweet smell to it...earthy and fresh..

I might consider mosaicing that toilet...but I'd want to cement it in the ground, with some rebar and some strength to its anchor....

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I had an old pottie from a remodel ( ugly beige thing ) ...I was going to put it in the garden, plant with bright yellow flowers and have a topiary "man" standing in front of it... unfortunately, my DH didnt realize I was saving it and he took it to the dump while he was cleaning the yard...

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

One of my biggest regrets is that I gave away a clawfooted tub, it would have been perfect to plant herbs and have them in my tub, but alas acted impulsively and it is gone. If I had a potty I would put it behind one of the sheds or under one of the trees planted with geranimuns and my guests would meander around the corner and there it would be! A litle fun and laughter is good for the soul!
Therefore I am Pro Pottie, lucky me we have no cc&R nor association!

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I think a toilet planted in the yard could be cute. Not sure how nice it would look during the bleaker fall/winter/spring months though. I imagine one could be mosaiced to look more like a seat than a toilet. That would be kind of cool.

Strawberry, I can't imagine the stress you go through dealing with your petty neighbors. I suppose the video is like a audio tape ... it can't be used in a court of law without your knowledge and consent. Where is one of those scarecrows with a mooning pumpkin butt when you need one?

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