What do you guys use to kill crabgrass?

tennessee_fescueMarch 31, 2008

I planted a new tall fescue lawn by seed last fall after killing the old lawn off with round up. I winterized in the fall & applied crabgrass preventer at the begining of March and I'll be damned if I still didn't get some crab grass in an otherwise beautiful fescue lawn. This is the first time I prevented and it is obvious I will have to do it earlier next year (prolly February). My question has to do with the crab grass that has sprouted. What is a good product to use to kill growing crabgrass and not harm my fescue? Either organic or chemical is fine, what ever will get this pest out of my yard! Also should I apply a second round of preventer in May to keep the barrier strong? Thanks for the help.

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There azre several brand name crabgrass killers on the market. All worked well for me, i.e. they killed the crabgrass. However, I suggest you try to do hand weeding.

The dead brown spot the sprays leave is unsightly, and with fescue the dead spot is not filled-in until you overseed. The spray is fine if you catch the crabgrass just as it is emerging. Then he visible damage is minimal.

This May I am trying a reapplication of preemerg like you suggest.

Capt Tom

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turf_toes(SE Pennsylvania KBG)

Make sure you are really dealing with Crabgrass. It seems a little early for that, even in TN.

I'd suggest that you take a look at some pictures of unimproved Tall Fescue and see if that is what you have. Many folks mistake Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue for Crabgrass.

Ky31 is a very wide-bladed grass.

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Trust me it's crabgrass, I know my nemisis. Tall wide leaf stalks all originating from the same single root and growing law to the ground outward. I dont know why people think crabgrass starts growing in the summer, here in tennessee it started 3 weeks ago.

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jimtnc(7b Raleigh tttf)

Yeah, probably because of a milder than usual winter...like last year. I've seen some too around my place. Hell, it was warmer some days in Jan than it's been the last 3 days here. Weird!

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I got some ortho weed b gon with crabgrass killer for use on lawns. I'll give it a try and let yall know what happens.

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gagnon98(SoCT z6)

tennessee fescue,

I know it's been QUITE a few months, but did you ever find a reliable crabgrass killer? I'm in CT, the crabgrass is going strong, several patches are sending out seed stalks. I can't use RU or I'd have too much dead grass on hand. Is there really anything that can kill crabgrass and not the surrounding lawn? Btw, I applied pre-emergent......twice in fact.

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MSMA, Monosodium methanearsonate. Lowes, Home Depot, etc.

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I posted something on this a couple of days ago. It was the final results of a journal I kept on using Drive 75. It was pricey but did an awesome job


Here is a link that might be useful: Link to other topic

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