little bit of advice regarding my sweet potato vine

ymaddox(ky 6)November 2, 2010

i have a sweet potato vine actually quite a few but two in the house now since it got cold out. one is the green with a start of the dark red vine and the other is only the red vine... i had the dark red in a area that is not so light and everyday i am pulling leaves off that have turned a autumn red color or else they die and fall to floor. so now i am thinking should i leave it potted and give more light or take the sweet potato out and put it in water to grow that way over the winter. any suggestions?

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Y, are your SP's something you started from a potato or the ornamental types?

Some people cut them back. I trim a little, especially if days are cloudy and foliage starts growing spindly.
One word of caution. If over-wintered in a hot, stuffy room, they can attract Spider Mites.
They are sun-lovers. Especially variegated types. I spray their leaves daily. Toni

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ymaddox(ky 6)

ornamental i believe i got them at walmart on clearance for the outside and have moved some inside still got quite a few outside and they are dying off i wonder if they will come back next year. anyway i have not really noticed any spider mites but i sprayed my plants before i brought them inside. i am just kind of adjusting all my plants around if they are one place and seem to be happy there i just leave them if not i move things around until the plant is happy and healthy. the green leaf sweet potato vine is happy as a little lark. i may have to run it around the room two or three times before spring the way things are looking but the purple leaf ones just dont seem so happy in the house. i will keep trying though...the funny thing is is there is new leaves coming on all the time but alot of leaves turn a autumn red color and just die, maybe this is a normal process for this vine i dont know.

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Y, whether or not your SP's come back next year depends on your climate.
I'm in IL. Annuals that normally die during a first frost, have been regrowing the following spring/summer. Petunia is one example. I plant several in two window boxes, and the last 4-5 yrs, they've returned. Other plants like Datura seed, drop and return the following year.

SP's aren't really meant to grow indoors, although several nurseries sell them as house plants. What they don't tell us is, SP's are annuals/tender perrenials, and require certain conditions to survive. They're not impossible keeping, but need more attention than standard house plants.

Did you trim back? If stems start growing spindly, cut the thin parts back. It can't hurt.
They are sun lovers, and can't stand dry, hot air. Good luck, and don't give up..Toni

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ymaddox(ky 6)

ty i am going to leave the ones outside and just see if they come back. as for the inside one like i said there is new growth so i am just going to keep trying with it...the one in my small bedroom the green one is a happy lil fella but the other one seems to be having a kaniption (sp) fit...maybe its a girl lol both my daughters seem to have those fits from time to time :)

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Y,, that's a female for can say that since I am of the
So any females who read this, don't panic. :)

Good luck, Y. Keep watch for pests..Toni

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