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wmas1960November 30, 2012

Today, we cleaned up and added some soil to some plants in our office. They have been doing quite well but, recently, have been struggling some. Dirt was a little hard and roots compacted. I loosened the soil with my hands and added some more to top off the pots. We watered them good and removed some of the lower, stressed leaves. We found a new young plant in one pot and re- potted it alone.

Also, I noticed on one plant, and a young offshoot from it, that the stems seem to be thin and flimsy. Especially with the parent plant that is about 6' or almost 7' tall, we need to stake it from falling over.

2 questions, if someone can help. Can someone help us identify the plants so we can find better info on care? All these plants were rescued from a previous office when we moved to our current location. They were real scrawny and neglected and they have, so far, doubled or tripled in size since we started to care for them. Second Question, regarding the tall plant with thin stem, is there something that we can do to encourage stronger building of the stem or even some growth from the bottom?

The smaller plant has done real well. It has never bloomed before but we have gotten about 3 nice white blooms up from the middle, each year for the last couple years.


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Photo 2

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Photo 3

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Photo 4

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Photo 5

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Good job growing so far, very good-looking plants!

Photo 5 (but actually the first plant shown) looks a lot like Dracaena deremensis 'Janet Craig' but the pic at that site is not great. More pics to compare. Once gone, new leaves do not grow at the bottom of the stem/trunk.

If you are able to run a fan on the plant once in a while, the resistance of trying to stay upright will help it strengthen. Turn it often/occasionally/when you can so the air (and light) hits different sides. Attach as low as possible to the support so it's got a chance to flop around a bit at the top, thus necessitating more strength to hold itself up. It's normal for a newly repotted plant to need a little help standing up. Sometimes some rocks at the surface will do. If so, you will get a stronger plant sooner if you do that instead of the stake.

The little yellowish plant, an offshoot of the same plant discussed above? Now that light is able to get to it, hopefully it will become more green.

Not sure what the other plant is from "photo 3."

Have you read any of the discussions around here about soils and watering? Your soil looks like it may stay too soggy. To combat that, you would want to make sure it's pretty dry before adding more water.

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Photo 6

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Photo 3 and I believe 6 look like Peace Lilies to me (Spathyphyllum). Very nice looking plants!

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6 is the off shoot that we found and repotted from 3.

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Wmas...Welcome Neighbor!

Photo 1 and 2. Dracaena 'Janet Craig'. Is pic 2 the base of plant 1?

Photo 3. Spathiplyllum Mauna Loa. One of the largest Spathiphyllums.

Photo 4. Dracaena 'Striped'. Might have sat in too much sun this summer.. Stripes are faded/pale. Was it before a window, and if so, which direction..
BTW, what floor is your office located?

Photo 5. Dracaena 'Janet Craig'.

Photo 6. Baby Spathiphyllum.

All your plants need medium light. Direct south or west summer sun can burn/fade leaves. Especially if your office is located beyond 5 stories.
The reason I asked your floor number.

Purple..please explain your comment about Dracaena/JC side-shoots not growing off mom plant..Thanks, Toni

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4 is an off shoot from 1 and 2 and 6 is from 3. 5 is just another shot of 1 and 2. We are on the first floor and 4 is in an east facing window that gets a ton of sun in the morning. Good to know that it is a plant that may not require so much sun. This is the kind of info that I am looking for. Proper care and watering requirements and, also, tips for how I might, if possible, be ale to strengthen the trunk of the plant (plant 1) as it is getting tall and top heavy and tends to fall over. Thus why we have it staked.


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