wine barrel GJ

alaMel(4a)June 6, 2011

So I actually did this a few weeks ago. I just didn't think of it as GJ. So after two days of hoping I wouldn't get accused of a dui, this is what came of it. Plants in this are coleus 'kong mosaic'(front corners) and 'festive dance' (ringing front center), geranium 'elegance brovo'(rear focal), impatient 'super sonic sweet cherry'(next to geranium), begonias, petunias, sweet william 'wee willy mix' (front focal). Can't wait until they fill this thing out. It sits between bleeding hearts and 'raspberry splash' lungwort flanking both sides.

Image link:

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What a beautiful combination of plants. I love the colors you chose. And its nice to hear you weren't stopped for a DUI, LOL. Then again, wouldn't the cop's face have been priceless when he looked in the back and saw half a wine barrel! LOL.

hugs, Karen

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ROFL I would just HAVE to mess with him a little first. LOL *hickup*

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That looks real the colors. Yep....would have been fun to mess with the cop for awhile.......provided you got one with a sense of humor!

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Love your combination of plants. Hope you will post a picture when it fills out. I know it will be beautiful.

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Very pretty, You will have to give us a pic when it fills in too!

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Marlene Kindred

Love the color and plant combination....In a few weeks, it will be over flowing with color!

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