yea, I got on !!!

geeme(5)June 26, 2010

long LONG time ago I was a member, back when Spike had it.... I went to msn site and have been trying for two years to get back on here....anyway howdy....Any old timers here that remember GiGi???

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Yes, I remember GiGi!

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I came on after the Spike days, but Welcome back GiGi.


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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

Hi Gigi- I remember you!! I was here back then, too. I just came back a short while ago. Welcome back!!

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Welcome back Gigi! Jan

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I am not GiGi, but she needs a lot of prayers, Tommy is in the hospital and in bad shape. I was and am:) ginnyp, anyone know what Wylee is doing these days??? have enjoyed all the doings here, made a few totems and if I can figure out posting pictures will give it a try.

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Hello and welcome back. This is a great place to be. I joined also in the Spike days. I also remember Wylee or rather her work. I don't know where she is now. Enjoy!! JLily

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Welcome back geeme! I'm sorry to hear about GiGi. I'll say some prayers for her and Tommy. I'm assuming he is her significant other? I know how well the GJers here helped me through a similar situation with my husband a few years ago.

I wasn't here during the Spike years but I did visit the MSN site and saved some of the pictures (on a disk I can't find right now) so I probably have seen some of your things. I hope you continue to come back and share your garden junk with us!

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Marlene Kindred

Welcome back!

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I am sorry to hear that Tommy (Gigi's husband)is unwell. They have had a rough time since the hurricanes that hit Louisiana. Lots of damage and both have had health problems.
I still email them (and viceversa). Wylee sometimes still posts on

once in awhile which was started by Emtnest (who also checks in here off and on) when MSN closed down. All the photos that were on MSN were transfered to the above site. It's not a fast moving site, but I still post there occasionaly, and go to look at the older photos. They have Ron the metal guy with his wonderful metal sculptures.

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