Old window shutters (inside kind) in the garden?

aliska12000(Z5)June 30, 2006

Today I found four pairs of beautiful solid wood white shutters which were only 20 inches high, can't remember how wide, the kind with the vertical bar that you can open and close them with and hooks and knob. I even went back but decided not to get them. They were $2 apiece and in good condition, $16 for the lot.

If they are still there tomorrow, things go FAST there, is there anything I could do with them outside that wouldn't look tacky?

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

you get up and go girl. Yes you can use those outside...may have to put a protective coat on. But you can use them for all kinds of things...like put 4 together and put a table top on it. you can even attach them top to bottom and put some together for a screen. Get going girl.

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Yes, I will have to go girl. Will have to get there when they open at 9AM. Hope they are still there. Those are neat ideas. I'm learning toward the screen one but a table would be nice. Maybe I could make a raised planter? The planter would have to be made of sturdier material and faced with those. Hmmmmm.

If only I had room for a gazebo. I saw some neat ideas on that gazebo thread that were smaller. They might work in with lattice somehow, too.

They are too short for any of my windows inside.

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kudzukween(8 MS)

I'd buy them! LOL.......I was searching every where for the larger shutters,and a friend gave us 5 bi-fold doors,just as good! We're putting them all together,2 of one pair,2 of another pair,and 1 larger one in the middle,and they're going on the porch in front of our really big picture window(as soon as I properly 'age' them,of course! )And I plan on buying a LOT of "S" hooks to go on them to hang small things,like my collection of doll chairs,and little hanging plants. Mine will sit on the floor of the porch in front of the window,with furniture in front of it. If I find more shutters,I want to use some as doors in the laundry room on some cabinets.

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I found 3 shutters, exactly the size you are describing, for $1, guess the odd number made them think they were worthless, any way, they are screwed to my fence, looks like a "closed" window. Planned on using them as a trellis but nothing has been planted there. They have some kind of paint on them, interior I suppose, haven't weathered at all in two winters. There are 4 chairs, two end tables, and the fire pit in front of the shutters, kind of look like they are in front of a window.


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seedbandito(7 NC)

Here's what I made with mine:

The globe on top is lighted and looks awesome at night!!

Good luck with yours.


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Won't be able to do anything with them for awhile, very good condition, have to finish my trellis and my ladder first.

kudzuqueen, that's a funny screen name, they had more but the larger ones were $5 and they were stained dark and varnished or some kind of coating and not many matching. What I'm running into on the things I really NEED, is that something about them won't work, like interior doors and bifolds like you have for closet doors (need a double pair, four panels that FIT), then someone to help put in) blah blah.

Thank heaven I didn't drag home free rubber tiles to smother weeds!

spudmom, yeah these have interior semi gloss on them. I had a fence but didn't keep it up and it rotted, too much work around the bottom keeping the grass at bay (before the days of weedeaters). My neighbor put up a big fence and I would love to use my side of it but the place is for sale and I'd better stay on my property line. It is one of those ugly (to me), rough wood slatted ones. If you could grow something against it or hang stuff on it, it wouldn't be so bad or cover it with lots of pretty things, it wouldn't look bad at all.

seedbandito, that is too cool. Yours are much taller than my 20-inch ones. That looks awesome, I can tell that you must have cobbled together that arrangement, how did you luck out with that cap? I'd love to see a night photo of that. It looks really nice.

All that and I'll probably end up trying to sell them on ebay. Will see if anybody in the family wants them first. I take on more than I can handle and don't have a DH to help with my whims.

Thanks for all the encouragement! I thought long and hard on those. Think of the lily bulbs I could have bought with $16.82. Tax.

I will cogitate on all the neat ideas given here. I like the idea of the s hooks but would want to hang plants, plants, and more plants lol.

At least they were still there this morning. They were sitting on a funky yellow metal table, table in excellent condition. What a funny place that is!

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seedbandito(7 NC)

Ask & ye shall receive, night time shot:

You can't see the whole thing, need more lights in this end of the garden. A small spot is needed to light up the shutters. One of these days.


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Is that neat or what? It looks like it is floating in the night in that photo. I'd love to see how you decide to light the rest of it. That is just gorgeous, very creative.

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I didn't finish reading the thread before posting..(I was too excited to go on before I told you)when you mentioned they were too small for the windows in your house....I thought the 2 sets that I scooped up when they were cleaning my MIL's house were too..but when I decided to redo a bedroom for my GrandGirls, I wanted something more than white ruffled pull back curtains...(already had mini blinds) and I needed something to compliment a beautiful Waverly print rose valance I'd picked up at the SA too!
So I put on my thinking cap (haven't used it enough lately and it's almost too small) anyway,,,back to the shutters...I didn't want to mount them to the moulding and "brain storm" would they fit inside the storm window and the inside window!

YES they do....and since they are just a little bigger than the window, i adjusted ever so slightly at each by bending them at each hinge on the window sill! now they fit perfectly....slightly open to allow some light to peek in....they provide privacy....their inside the glass so they stay clean (too many dust bunnies at my house)and now holes in the moulding!

The biggest deal was maneuvering them into the opening with the inside window raised as high as it would go...I still had to hold my tongue right to get them upright! Just determined to do it....and it has been worth holding my breath to do, my three GrandGirls love them!

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I guess there's no law they have to fit the window vertically. That was rather ingenuous what you came up with. You probably have central air. I have to be able to keep the windows at least partially open in the summer, but your idea wouldn't necessarily preclude that.

I just got my comeuppance. The shutters are sitting on the extra loveseat, I'll put them somewhere until I finish up my current projects and from the ideas I got just may be able to implement one of those.

Stopped by a garage sale and they had the most beautiful antique oak bed and matching dresser for $250. Oh man was I tempted. There are antiques and there are antiques. This had a beautiful golden patina and was carved in a wheat pattern. I could make room for it, but enough is enough. Shame though. I won't soon forget that. Ended up telling her to try ebay with local pickup. Forgot she could try to sell it on consignment through an antique store. I don't know why antiques are going so cheap now, at least in my area, maybe there is a glut of them.

I wouldn't try to sell really nice antiques at a garage sale though.

You just can't have everything even if you have the money to pay for it at the moment. I will not forget that beautiful set for a long, long time. I never saw an oak one I liked as well as that except one piece I bought for my granddaughter when she was a baby, actually it was a little similar. My granddaughter's needs some TLC now, but nothing major. I did track one beautiful French set on ebay, white with beautiful flowers painted on it, exquisite details, many extra pieces. It went for over $4 thou, but I was guessing it would get about $6 thou.

Those shutters are really pretty though, have the side pieces, too, not sure what they are for. Only thing I noticed once I got them out is they weren't painted too carefully. Dried drips. No biggie. They can be sanded off and touched up, I used to be more fussy about painting than I've gotten of late.

Thanks for the suggestion. I told my granddaughter about them and she wants them lol. She just moved into an older (new to her) duplex yesterday so I don't think she can put them up there.

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Bumping up an old topic! I just found four nice ones on the side of the road. Picked them right up, and thought I would put one pair on a "junk" window I found. There would be a neat juxtaposition between the battered window and the nicely painted shutters. But then I saw the "table" kind of thing from seedbandito, AKA Nancy. Now my life gets more complicated. Oh dear...wish I found on more pair.
(PS Just kidding on the whine...feeling very lucky right now.)

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Look at this, I have been looking for shutters at a good price ever since I saw this shelf.


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Oh yeah...I forgot about that, Katladie. In fact, when I scrolled through, I saw a post I made telling myself to remember this great idea!
Too many ideas...to few shutters. Got to hunt for more!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: shutter shelf

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well adding my two cents
I hung my shutters next to an old window frame. They are in the hallway. I love them(-:
And I also love that lighted globe!!! Beautifulllllll!!!!!!!

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

I curb shopped some white plantation shutters last summer. I found 4 5' ones and 4 6=7 feet ones...forget. I put the longer ones in sets of 2 in the front window, just sitting inside the drapery rods on the floor. controls my summer light reflections and winter drafts. And I have the 4 5' together as a screenby my bed to block light at night coming in from a high window. I still have one that is a frame about 4x5 with 2 inside. Not used that yet...maybe a wall shelf or table top. I can just pick them up and go if I move and reuse.

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I really love that lighted globe with the shutter base. It's fantastic!

Be Safe, Rach

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