Lots of clay and really squishy

Dakota80March 23, 2014

I recently had an addition put on our house and when the foundation was excavated, we ended up using all of the clay to re-grade the entire lawn. I was able to grow grass in the fall hoping to stabilize the yard, but there are areas that are really soft and hold the water due to all the clay. I know I should have put a layer of topsoil down, but we were in a time crunch.

I believe the ground was compacted pretty well, but the clay is keeping the water on the surface. What is my best course of action to firm up the yard? Someone suggested aerating and adding sand. Any thoughts? Thanks much!!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

At this point I would not be concerned with compaction or clay. I would be concerned with proper drainage. So they pulled out lots of soil and did not remove it??? Is that right? Did this change your drainage? The correct answer is, "yes," but the issue is whether it created a problem for you. It likely did if you are now getting wet soil. Does water collect in one or more areas and not drain?

Did a landscaper spread the soil or was it done by the excavator? Generally I would trust a landscaper to do this job right. And generally I would expect an excavator to simply follow directions to save money by not removing the excess soil.

How often do you water, or have you begun watering yet? And how long do you water when you do?

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