old table

skejJune 24, 2010

my friend gave me an old table without a top (it was originally glass but broke) i turned it upside down, painted it, added a planter saucer and now have a birdbath for my birds.

Image link:

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I did a good thing. It looks so strong and sturdy! I would also take four cups and saucers (or just the saucers) and glue (GE Silicon II exterior clear caulk) them to the top of each leg and fill with bird seed. You have a great idea there and the birds will be thrilled.

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thanx i couldn't figure out what to do with the "legs" of the table!

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That made a perfect birdbath! Wish I had your imagination.
Very creative use of a table.


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Makes a great birdbath! Jan

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I bet the birds will love landing on those legs before taking the plunge!!!

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Susie, I was thinking of some plate flowers on the end of those legs but your cup/saucers are a good idea too! Great and imaginative repurpose of a table! It's amazing that the bowl fits in there perfectly. TFS!

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Marlene Kindred

Great idea! Yep, I was thinking about junking up the legs as well...the ideas given are great, and another might be to add birds to each leg...maybe give the real ones a "heads up"!

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Like you all, I was thinking of "junkin' up" the legs more...my first thought was taking "grapevine" & encircling the 4 legs with it ... great place for the birds to perch! And maybe? try covering the "X" piece on the ground with mulch...just to see how it looks?? Good recycling, skej! TFS! Jeanne S.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

I love it, that really made a nice birdbath. It is great just the way it is, or, you could put another dish in the bottom circle and make it a double decker bath. Or put a plant down there, either something viney like ivy or morning glories or something with lots of flowers like petunias of marigolds would be pretty underneath the birdbath.

I like all of the ideas so far for the legs, it would be hard to decide what to do with them, so many possibilities. I can see glass totem on each one, too. With maybe a bigger totem in the center. While I'm dreamin', how far is it from the hose, it would make a pretty fountain like that, too.

4 really is an inspirational number for decorating in the garden, 4 seasons, 4 directions...

Thanks for posting it's fun to think about somone elses junk for a while.

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You could also use small birdhouses on it too...

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dumb question but why did you turn it upside down, unless the bath wouldn't fit on the top of the table?
or did it shift around, with no glass on there?

cuz I was thinking it'd look cool with a slab of slate on the part where the glass goes.

it's great bird bath and they should be showing up soon~

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tried putting on top but it kept moving and i wanted to be able to remove bath to wash it.

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I also think that birdhouses would look good. I took an old
lamp stand, took the top off. Turned it upside down. I planned on putting a flower pot on it. But it has a long piece come out of the bottom. So a flower wont's sit right.
But I'll come up with something.

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