Lawn disaster, needs reboot!

rustycatMarch 26, 2012


My lawn is an absolute disaster! There are huge bare patches which weeds fill in during the Summer, and the ground is uneven and muddy. There are also two 40 foot sugar maples along the back fence.

I want to restart my lawn from seed, but have no idea where or how to do so. I am on a limited budget since I am a renter, and my wife insists on using natural weed killer.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Okay so put your wife in charge of finding a natural weed killer and let her do that job. The best one is to go pull them yourself. Give her a month and see if she changes her mind.

The reason you have huge bare patches could be from the shade of the trees. Are they to the north or south of you? If you have lots of shade during the day, then fescue is your only choice of seed. Fescue is a bunch grass (meaning it does not spread). The only way to get more fescue is to apply more seed every fall after it thins out in the summer. Fall is the time of year to seed, not now. So if you don't have the budget to seed twice, then wait and seed in the fall. If you seed now, you will get about nothing for your trouble. The new grass will die under the summer heat and crabgrass will fill in.

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