Where do I go from here? Rehab my Lawn

AxbourneMarch 22, 2013

I purchased my new house last fall and have started trying to rehabilitate my lawn. Right now its about 50% tall coarse Fescue, 10% Fine Fescue, 20% Henbit weed, 10% clover, 5% bermuda, and 5% Bare Spots.

Here is what I have done so far
Last Fall
1. I seeded Tall Coarse Fescue ( very cheap grass) with a drop seeder. just to get some quick growth, and fertilized. ( the 50% fescue mentioned above was because of this)

3 weeks ago
1. I mowed very low raked and pulled all the Henbit

2. Overseeded my front yard (5700 sqft)with 20lbs Vigoro RTF Tall Fescue

3. Added recommended amount of starter fertilizer

4. added 1/2 in. of compost

5. barely covered bare spots and Henbit spots with peat moss.

6. Have been watering 3 times a day 5-10 minutes

The Henbit is starting to grow back, but my seeds have'nt germinated because after the 10 days of 65-45 weather, it has been 45-35 weather.

Should I continue to pull up the henbit or will this disturb the seeds?

Also, is there anything I can do ATM or in the future?

Any help would be appreciated, I am very new at Lawn care / home ownership and this forum has taught me a lot because everyone is so helpful.

Thank you

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This is right now, the above was last fall.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Pull the henbit.

Reduce your expectations for the lawn for this year. The time to finish putting seed down was last fall. This new grass will likely die before August from the heat and pressure from crabgrass. Then next fall hit it again with more seed. With your full sun you should strongly consider going to Kentucky bluegrass. Even the builder's grade KBG can look exceptional. KBG has the huge advantage of becoming very dense all by itself. That will keep weeds out. It has the disadvantage of going dormant in the winter.

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Thank you for the reply. I will continute to pull out the Henbit as it comes up.I never thought about KBG. I don't think they sell KBG in my area, Is there a reputable place to buy online?

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Where are you located? Zip code will work.

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I am located at 28658

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