Bermuda Fertilizer question

nitram10March 22, 2012

I have read the Bermuda bible and I know TexasWeed suggest a slow release 39-0-0 fertilizer from lescos. The Probelm is there is not a lescos within a 3 hour drive of where I live and i need some suggestions on what fertilizer to get. I did a soil test last year with mississippi state university and my ph was 6.4 and it stated that my phosphate and potash were both very high. They recommended a 34-0-0 fertilizer but i cant even find that. I went to my local co op and found 3 different fertilizers.

1. 46-0-0 (urea)

2. 32-3-10 (with 50% slow release urea)

3. 33-0-0-12s (12s is sulfate which i read will lower your ph which i dont need)

Any recommendations? If i had to pick on of these three which should i pick and which should i definitely not pick? Thanks.

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Billl(z7 nc)

If you go to lowes or home depot etc, they will probably have Scotts and a generic brand. Just look for something with a high first number and relatively low 2nd and 3rd numbers. It does not have to be exact. Don't get too bogged down in the details. The big picture is you want frequent doses of high nitrogen fertilizer through the growing season. You want to mow short and often. And you want water deeply. If you do those 3 things, you'll be well on your way to a great bermuda lawn. If you want to go from great to "perfect", then you can start delving into the smaller details.

For application rates, you want around a lb of nitrogen per 1000 sq ft. So if the bad says 34-1-3, that means it is 34% nitrogen and you'll need 3 lbs of fertilizer per 1000 sq ft.

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I concur with Bill. Shop around time and read labels. Find the one with the highest first number, and lowest last 2 numbers. Preferable something that says some percentage of slow release urea.

Like Bill said do not get hung up on the first number being it be 20 to 46. All that means is how much product you need to use. Just take the first number say it is 20 and divide it into 100. That will tell you how many pounds of product to apply to 1000/ft^2. So if it is 20-0-0, then 100.20 = 5 pounds.

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