Bowling ball question

annlat(7)June 9, 2010

Ok, after looking at all the great ideas on here, I decided to decorate a bowling ball with pieces of broken plates. I just got done grouting it, and wondered how I can clean the haziness off of the glass pieces. For some reason I chose black grout (which, btw, makes a MESS) and I'm having trouble getting the glass clean enough.

Thanks for all the great pictures and ideas on here!


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You have to keep wiping it down with a clean sponge or cloth just like you would do if you were doing a counter top.

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I sat down one time, with a chopstick no clean one mosaic.
and wouldn't you know it...I was sitting in the front row of a courtroom, with a friend, for a driving infraction.
the judge stopped the proceeding, to let me know I needed to take it out of the room.
she considered that chopstick contraband and otherwise dangerous.
so, I left the room and continued to clean the piece, after grout..yes, film is a bit of a time consuming cleanup part of it.

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