Does this grass have any chance?

Pr0FiTMarch 15, 2013

I've recently bought a house that had a very poorly maintained lawn. At this point I've got most of the weeds pulled and am ready to start working on the grass.

The back portion of the lawn (not pictured) is in okay shape, it has some brown spots but overall it will probably grow.

The portion closer to the house however is in really rough shape. It does have some green but it's so sparse I don't really know if I should nurture it or rip it all up and replant with some new seeds.

Advice welcome!

Two pics of the problem areas

Vid with a little wider look (ignore the killer beast)

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Are you from the north by chance a yankee? The brown dead grass as you call it is Bermuda which is still dormant right now but should be waking up very soon. In fact I can see it is already starting to green up.

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Actually I hail from out west. Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad it's not quite as dire as I thought. My neighbors lawn, although still brown, is so much thicker and lush than mine I thought for sure it was a goner.

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I've got the same problem -- just bought a home with a bad lawn. There are (at least) two types of grass growing.

Can someone help me figure out if there's any hope for this lawn?

I'm in USDA zone 9, in Lafayette, CA. We have what most folks refer to as adobe clay soils -- and the soil under our lawn seems to be hard and compacted.

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You can fix it pretty easy, but you have to retrain yourself to learn how to maintain Bermuda grass. I assume you have only had a cool season grass. If that is the case forget everything you know about lawn care because it does not apply to Bermuda.

Get on the web and search for a document called the BERMUDA BIBLE at Around the Yard. I would post a link to it but if I did they would ban me from this forum. It will tell you what you need to know.

Good Luck


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Are you responding to the original poster or to me? Any help would be appreciated...

Sorry I didn't start a new thread, I'm not able to click the post a new thread button-- maybe because I just signe up for an account?

Anyway I attached an additional pic to help ID my grass type.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Bayarea, you really need to start a new thread. You don't have the same problem.

Profit, whatever you do, DO NOT PUT SEED ON YOUR LAWN. Wait to see how the bermuda comes back in. You probably have a hybrid bermuda sod. If you put bermuda seed down, all the seeded bermuda is derived from the common bermuda (NOT hybrid). Once you put seed down, then you are dealing with common bermuda and you lose all the real benefit of the hybrid. Your lawn will look weedy with the mix.

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Thanks for the suggestion... I started a new thread. Yesterday and this morning I wasn't able to start a new thread. Maybe because I just created an account? Anyway hopefully I didn't cause any trouble posting in the wrong place! I'm new here and just want to fix my lawn.

Best regards,

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Bayarea, that's Fescue on the picture.

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