centuries old question...not really

nocturnalMarch 30, 2014

Hello guys,

I went to orange box and as usual the guy had no knowledge. So, here I am asking questions here and I am sure I will get the response to my question.

So, I picked up Lesco 19-0-7 Dimension Crabgrass preventer as I was not really satisfied with Scotts Turfbuilder with Halts. Now, both of them are sold as pre-emergent with fertilizer...so is it safe to assume that Lesco 19-0-7 can be used in place of Halts?

Also, here in MD it is raining today on Sunday, and Mon - Wed is going to be without rain, but will start raining again on Thursday. Can I apply Lesco 19-0-7 on Monday?

I am new homeowner and trying to learn all I can to keep my lawn green. My neighbors are all retired and maintain lush green lawns, and me working and being young has little time and almost no experience. Thanks.

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Yes you would be fine putting it out today. Dimension needs to be watered in with .5 " of rain or irrigation after application. However, if your in maryland there is no rush you have at least a couple of weeks. Yes the Lesco product takes the place of Halts.

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Thank you, Joneboy. You answered everything I wanted to know/assured of. I am starting fertilizing now.

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