Common Chickweek Everywhere!

tbonejonesMarch 26, 2012

Just returned from a week in Florida to my central Ohio home and my lawn has a huge common chickweek issue. Some areas are worse than others, but generally it is everywhere. I did my pre-emerg crabgrass fertilization about 3-weeks ago, but it's been quite warm here and I think everything is WAY ahead of schedule...though I'm not sure it matters with this particular issue.

Looking for any advice on products to use to clear this invasive isse that I've never had before. And, considering the recent app of pre-emerg crabgrass control...can I do anything now in the way of a treatment to kill the common chickweed?


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Sorry...I can't type today...of course I mean ChickweeD...

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Weed B Gone Clover, Chickweed, and Oxalis killer. About 10 bucks at Home Depot. You can apply via tank or hose end sprayer. Two applications might be necessary. As always, read the label before you apply. Chickweed is a winter annual, so what you have in you lawn germinated last fall.

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