Getting overrun and losing the weed war

newlawnownerMarch 16, 2014

I'm desperate for help here!!!

We moved in a little over a year ago and inherited a nice St Augustine lawn, which lasted until December when the sprinklers went out and watering wasn't done well for about a month. The sprinklers were fixed, but since then weeds have slowly overtaken the side and back yards and have finally made it to the front. I've tried turf builder and weed control at the home depot guy's recommendation, but that doesn't seem to have done anything except encouraged the weeds.

It seems like every type of weed is there:

chickweed (moving very quckly)
dollarweed (EVERYWHERE in the shade)
something that looks like prickly lettuce

Can this be salvaged? The existing grass still looks good in a lot of areas. I'm ready to try anything, any ideas??

I've attached pictures of some rough areas and I can add any that might help.

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picture was too big, here they are

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and one more

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No replys from the smart guys yet?

I have been using the "Triangle Approach" this year and I am seeing results. It has been a battle but you look like you could see much better results.

I have been buying my Bayer Advanced weed control from Amazon. Its cheaper than at HD or Lowes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Weed Control: The

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andy10917(NY 6a)

I'm the "author" of the Triangle Approach, but I don't see anything about what was the cause of the sudden spurt in weeds. Did the person that fixed the irrigation system set it to something dumb like 10-15 minutes a day? How are you watering, mowing and fertilizing the lawn? Something changed, and I really doubt that it was the irrigation system broke for a month. Did you disturb the soil in any way?

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Post emergent hebicides for st.augustine, Atrazine gets some broadleaf weeds and most annual grasses, Image or Manage for sedges, and 2,4D amine, dicamba,mcpp many broad leaves, dandelion and plantain. Going forward I would cut the water back during the late fall/winter. This looks like a overwatered lawn to me. I would also look into the use of a pre emergent herbicide. Mowing height should be at 3" and if you have not fertilized yet this spring it's probably time to start.

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