Odd idea?

tbledsaw(5)June 30, 2011

I'm always taking flowers out to the cemetery. I was thinking of creating a small glass totem that would be small enough to fit in the granite flower vase and put a solar light in it. Does that sound weird, or do you think it would look ok?

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

It might walk.

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Yup, shining in the dark like that, someone will probably think they need it more...a small totem would be nice but I wouldn't do the solar light part...JMHO. Jeanne S.

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That would be sweet. Hopefully no one would steal it. I know it was disappear around here in a heartbeat.

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Give it a try. I wouldn't put a lot of $ into it in case it walks away. Our local cemetary has quite a few solar lights. The first time I noticed them I felt a little "eerie". Now I think they are beautiful and peaceful.

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Sounds good. Lots of solar lights in my area also. I actually work for a cemetery (part-time) The folks around here like the eternal candle and holder at the grave site. Those REALLY have a tendency to walk off as they are approx. $100.00!!!! Anyone have any ideas as to how one of those could be crafted?

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I've made two totems for my mother/fathers grave and my sisters...think its a neat idea.Where I come from I see lots of solar lights in cemeteries.

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I'm pretty sure it will be ok here? The cemetery is very peaceful. It's out in the country, surrounded by corn/bean field and a cow pasture. Plus our gravesite is all the way at the back of the cemetery. There are a lot of solar lights in the cemetery already as well. Plus I will probably just use a small solar light.
I already have some glass pieces I could use. I'm just formulating it all in my head now lol.
I really want something more adorable than glass-beautiful, if that makes sense? The grave is for children, so I want something appropriate to them. Likely will take me awhile to figure this one out, because it needs to be "perfect".
Thanks for your input, guys. I appreciate you!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I've never seen solar lights in the cemetery, tho I love the idea. Thanks for the warning tho cuz I bet if and when i do see them I'd be startled. I wonder if folks don't do it here, or if I haven't been to a cemetery at night lately.
Its so bizarre to me that people steal from the cemetery.

I love the idea of an adorable totem. Be sure to post a pic.

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I like the idea!!

But speaking of stealing, this year 2 or 3 cemetaries around here lost almost all of the bronze vases. About 85 at one cemetary, and more at a larger one. I can't believe that the smelter people would accept them (And they melted them down the first time). I don't know how, but they did catch the people who stole them the second time they did it. They should have done something to the smelter people too!!!

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Sounds like a wonderful plan, tblesaw. In my area, I've never heard of solar lights...but I know alot of potted plants disappear...too bad that someone thinks they need them more...your cemetery sounds very peaceful. So, good luck, with your endeavors! (a gift of light). Jeanne S.

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