Help! Grouting.

kelly_oh(OH z6)June 28, 2010

So, I've made a 'rookie junker' mistake, I'm hoping someone can help me with. I was working on my POSSE project - don't want to give out my details, yet :) - anyway, I grouted my glass and had to go do things with the young. Anyway, it set over night and so that grout is really set up. What is the best way to clear it off my glass? My BF is wanting to power wash it, but that makes me nervous. I was reading about using acid on it, but that also makes me leery. Help, Help, help, please :)

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Try wetting it down with finger real good and wiping it down .I clean with fin all the time and it works for me.

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I use a small wire brush or stiff nylon brush, even a tooth brush.

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A razor blade or something small with a sharp edge works wonders. You can even buy special tools for scraping grout from between tiles. I often use one of those for scraping dried grout off of small mosaic pieces.

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