how bad did I hurt my bermuda?

Md_mike(7B)March 25, 2012

I sprayed roundup on my back yard to kill a weed infestation about 3 weeks ago. Bermuda all looked dormant - no green that I could see. Weeds took a huge hit as desired.

Now my front yard (not sprayed with roundup) is greening up nicely all over, while the back yard is showing just a little green here and there, but mostly just brown and dormant looking.

Did I screw up bad, or will the back yard recover OK? Did I kill it, or just set it back some? I'm feeling very worried!

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Don't worry, you might of set it back, but not killed it. Is it possible you have micro-climatic differences between front and back? Like does the front yard get more sun and wind?

Dormant Bermuda is straw color. Dead Bermuda is darker and gray in color that turns to very dark almost black.

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Thanks texas-weed for the reply. I'm sure that the roundup did affect the back yard as there is one area that I did not spray that is greening up fine. The dormant looking areas that I did spray with RU are still the beige/brown color from all winter, not dead looking, so I guess I just wait for the bermuda to forgive me for abusing it with round up!


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