grassy weed?

t_d_harvey(7)March 20, 2014


Moved into a new build jan last year. Put down rye, cannot remember if it was annual or perennial, at that time to prevent washout. Cut rye lowest setting in may last year and seeded Bermuda. The picture of what I believe to be perennial rye has now taking over a lot of the Bermuda this winter/spring. First question is this actually perennial rye or possibly fescue? second best plan of action for next winter since I am pretty sure it will die out with the Texas heat. It is not all of a bad thing as it has been a semi nice green yard coming out of winter. It is just a little spotty which I am not very happy about but can live with. Any advice? Thanks

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

It would be good to know where you live in Texas. If you live in Marfa this might not work, but for most of the rest, it should...

Let it go bone dry in June. If you normally water once per week (which you should), let it go four weeks with no water. That should kill out the normal turf grasses except bermuda. I would let it go until the bermuda looks to be suffering and turning brown. Bermuda can come back from the appearance of dead but the others should die away. While you're doing that, keep mowing it low at about 1 inch high. That will be further icing on the cake for everything but bermuda.

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Thanks dchall. i am def. letting it go dry right now. I do water once during the hot months. I live in DFW area btw. I can get down to 1.5 and usually cut at 2 because of the hills and the bumpy terrain I have. went to 1.5 for first cut of the year nd will try to maintain that as best I can. Thanks for the advice. I will have a little trouble going bone dry during June as i will need to reseed some spots that the Bermuda didn't take we'll last year. This might be an easier fight for this fall or next summer.

Thanks again

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

By June your thin bermuda areas should be fully filled in. With bermuda you only need a little.

If you are interested in leveling your bumpy lawn, search this forum for discussions about leveling. They go back several years starting with user name dproud. Unfortunately his pictures are no longer available, but there are others. You should be able to get it as even as a putting green.

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Thanks again. Due to a lot of rocky places in the yard I will definitely have to reseed as it is not just thin, more so bare large bare areas. I plan on using a seeder to get better soil contact and also spreading some topsoil around. I have also read up on leveling as well and plan on doing that too. Do u see a problem with trying to do it in stages as I have almost an acre of lawn and could be quite costly and timely to do it all at once.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I don't see a problem if you can keep the stage by stage areas at the same height. Depending on where you live there are some companies who are fairly proficient at leveling and could do it all at one time.

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Thanks again dchall. I'll check into that. I appreciate all the time u and others take to respond to posts. I am learning lots here.

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