No longer an eye sore...

may10777(8)June 30, 2013

A void area between a path and a shrub bed, hard to maintain and usually an eye sore, is a little more pleasing now using what I had. The green frog is about 40 years old and all are aged with the exception of the gold looking one a neighbor gave me for the project. The large rocks were brought from the creek when my children were young. I finally found a way to put them to use as I elevated them with smalls rocks underneath so the toads can get under. I am going to add two containers at the shady end for tadpoles. I used some mulch from downed trees but some of it is pine bark. I am hoping the pine bark won't hurt thr toads as I have lot's of them. What do you think?

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the toads will lov u. it's hot out there. I keep an old cake pan with a rock and a clay pot filled with water for the frogs.

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Looks cute! I played with frogs but didn't like toads so don't know much about them (was told thy would give me warts-probably old wives tale) Internet might have more ideas on habitat for toads! Jan

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I love your toad garden.

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Marlene Kindred

All you need now is a "Welcome Toads" sign! Your little toad garden looks very inviting...even to us humans! ;-)

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Looks adorable. The raised rocks are a good idea for a project I'm working on. Same idea, clearing out an eyesore triangle.

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