Metal Thingie

kylslil1(8b)June 25, 2011

I'm sorry to be posting so much....but, sometimes I look at the projects I have and I doubt myself so much. I know that's dumb over something I paid like .50 cents for, but I think maybe yall know what I mean. Here was a find from a garage sale from last week. It's just a popcorn tin with a top that looks like one of those milk metal thingies. I had thought about spraying the whole thing copper and that maybe it would look "rusty." But the more I think about it, maybe I should go buy like a silver or gray and let it age itself. What do yall think?

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What do you plan to use it for? If it were mine, I'd leave it like it is (you don't like 'cows?' LOL!) & I'd put a potted plant on top of it (some ivy draping would be nice, too). Looks like a great buy to me! Jeanne S.

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Ditto what Jeanne said! Such a pretty scene on it and it would make a perfect plant stand.

hugs, Karen

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lindasewandsew(So Cal 9)

Here's a nautical idea for cans. These fishies look fun to make and the milk can could turned into one. It would be easier to work with than a trash can. Link is below.

Cut out an opening using tin snips, use some kind of wire cloth to replace where the hole is, paint it and make it into a ship or light house lantern. Google images have some good ideas under 'ship lantern'.

Use a stencil or draw a ship, anchor or some other nautical shape and cut out the design with tin snips. Paint and light up the inside.


Here is a link that might be useful: Trashcan fish

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Marlene Kindred

Well, I too like it as it is, but to answer your question of what color to paint it, I think it would depend on where you're going to use it. You can buy "rusty" paint and you certainly can paint it silver or gray either one. Got any idea of where you are going to use it? That would help me decide.

Post and let us see what you do!

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I love it just the way it is and like others have said just put a trailing plant on top - good buy ......


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