Crinum lillies bad reaction to insecticide

jfknigh2November 27, 2011

I noticed spider mites on my tropical crinum lillies that I bring in in the winter and sprayed them with pyrethrin/permethrin and not they look wilty. I have since sparyed the leaves with soap/water then rinsed to help remove it. Is there anything else I can do? Anyone else ever have this problem??? Thank you

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jfknigh2, "Pyrethrins are natural insecticides produced by certain species of the chrysanthemum plant."
"Permethrin is a common synthetic chemical, widely used as an insecticide."
So, did you use two products; or only one? It could make all the difference. And did you use them at the label rates? If you used higher rates, I do not want to know!
Pyrethroids (Permethrin is one) can sometimes have "Inert Ingredients" which might be very safe for mammals (they usually are) but when these ingredients from different products are mixed they may well spell disaster for some plants species.
The label often includes(in)compatibility pointers about mixing products; but this is for the information of the Applicator. It tells him/her that the mixture will not gel or precipitate and clog up the application equipment.
Hopefully, this will help you to work through the problem. If you think that it is overload, I apologize - quite sincerely. However, take this thought with you always.
There is no safe chemical; only safe ways of using chemicals.

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