Crabgrass pre-emergent question

wilsocnMarch 4, 2012

I had a horrible crabgrass problem last year with my yard. I am still a fairly new homeowner and trying to learn about lawn care.

A few days ago I bought a bag of Scott's with Halts crabgrass preventer but the window for application seems to very widely depending on which site I am looking at. Some say starting March 1st and I have seen another site that listed early May. I am a little confused. I did read that it should be applied when the forsythia is blooming but I don't even know when that is to be honest. :\

I am in Kentucky, and like everyone else, the winter was extremely mild and we have been experiencing spring like temps for a while now. Is there anyone else from around my area who can advise me on when would be a good time to apply the pre-emergent.

I would appreciate it

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It all has to do with ground temperature......if anyone around you has a Forsythia bush, when it blooms out, the ground is warm enough for weed seeds to germinate....therefore, it's time for pre-emergent. I'd feel safe in suggesting you to do it now........

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Ground temp and rainfall. Once the ground is warmed up from winter (such as it was), then the first rain is when you apply. Sometimes forsythia is late.

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Agree - go ahead and do it now for Kentucky. I am in SC and probably should have done mine 2 weeks ago. :(

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Thanks for the replies everyone. Tomorrow the lawn gets the Scotts and then later this year its getting some broad leaf weed killer. My yard is in shambles!

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Hey Wilsocn..... I'm in KY too. Have you applied your Scotts Halts yet? We moved last Spring, I did nothing then, no time. I'm just now getting ready to apply Scotts myself but this time I'm getting the one marked 'Super' on the bag.... has 6 parts more nitrogen. I wonder if this will make a difference, guess I'll see. I'm concerned, due to the mild winter here, I'm a little late but it will surely prevent some of the crabgrass.

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I put Dimension down last week and I am in St. Louis. Temps have been staying in the 60's. I usually use 0-0-7 because it is not good to put Nitrogen down this early in the season.

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