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kirkus(5a)June 15, 2010

I shared on an earlier post that I received LOTS of cool, free treasures from our neighbors who are moving to Phoenix. People asked that I post pictures. Well, here they are! :o) Thanks for asking...

A drop leaf table, metal watering can, and snowshoes. We'll use the table for our crafts. The watering can is already in use! The snowshoes will be put to good use here in snow country in the Pacific Northwest!

Here are "the tools"!!! Saw horses (which I was going to buy a pair this week!!!), a Coleman lantern, a roof snow rake (which we need here in snow country!), a garage light, a mitre box (brand new in box!), and a like new Ryobi weedwacker! I am in Heaven!

Bennington pottery (super heavy) with a frog baskets! I want to use the frog crock outside!

A Pendleton wool blanket, a silver milk pitcher, and a wood fruit basket.

Finally, a moose, pottery bowl. Will use this with plants on my covered porch! :o)

I hope I didn't bore you with all of our free treasures! Good stuff! Nice neighbors!

Bear Hugs! Kirk

Here is a link that might be useful: Original Post

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WOW! I see lots of good GJ projects! Love the Bennington & that wool blanket! Lots of goodies! TFS pics! Jeanne S.

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Nice stuff!! With yard work easier with great weed trimmer should have more time for crafts & figuring out what to do with that great moose bowl!! Jan

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Marlene Kindred

WOW!!! What wonderful treasures....LOVE the table, watering can, the frog crockery and the moose bowl! They will look so pretty with your plants, etc. And you can sure use the snow shoes either as decoration or for real. Great tools too...John is drooling!

What a nice thing to happen!

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OMG! How wonderful to get such great scores!!! Thanks for sharing these yummy pics with us!!

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That little table is adorable. The frog pottery is really cool too. All of it is wonderful. It just goes to show it pays to be a good neighbor.

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Wow - looks like the motherlode. I always wanted a pr. of snowshoes like that for front porch decor in the winter. My other favorite is the blanket. Oh, I also love the word FREE - best word in the English language!

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WOW Kirk! You got the overhaul! As I was looking I was thinking I should post what I got the other day too....and I too got a brand new Ryobi weed trimmer--lokks just liek yours!!!!! Neighbor works for UPS and got them at HD becasue they were display models and being discontinued. It's all charged and ready to go just haven;t 'used' it to make sure it's in wroking order...Also got a brand new chain saw and potentially a new front door security gate?? Todd doesn't like the sec. gates---so cityish...
Have fun finding places for your new finds....BUT, I thought you guys would be moving by now?? How's that coming along?
Ok, got to go p/u some freecycle items way out in the country.
Love, Jules

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Free.... my favorite four-letter-word! HA!

Love that blanket. Always wanted one of those.

Great haul. You have (had?) really nice neighbors!!

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Thanks for all of the kind words. Good stuff! Will have fun placing it and using it! :o) We have been to the Pendleton Blanket Company in Oregon! FUN PLACE!

We pulled our house from the market because our neighbors had to sell way less than they wanted because the economy is so bad. That makes our appraisal less for our house. Someone really wants to look at our house this weekend though so we'll see.

I've been going along doing yard stuff as if we're staying. My yard and "junque" is my sanity! :o) Carol found me another new bottle tree on-line...sturdy and at a great price! Of course, we'll have to start drinking more wine in blue bottles so I can fill the tree! LOL I'm a Bud Light man myself but a beer can tree isn't really my thing! LOL!

Bear Hugs! Kirk

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What a haul you made! CONGRATULATIONS!

A new bottle tree? I need pictures! LOL. Hey, doesn't Bud Lgt come in bottles too? If so, you can have a brown bottle tree. Or would that be Beer Tree?

I'm sorry about the economy messing up you listing your house, tho if the folks this weekend fall in love..who knows. I don't see how anyone could NOT love your place!
Housing market here is terrible too, unless you're buying
of course. Hope things change soon for folks selling tho.

hugs, Karen

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Great stuff at an even greater price! What a haul! They must have been some awesome neighbors to pass along such treasures for free. I'm sure you'll miss them. But after your last couple of winters, I can see why they are high tailing it for Phoenix. lol! I'm sure they won't miss that roof snow rake one bit. Love the pottery, Pendleton blanket and the baskets. It looks like they will fit right in with your bear motif. Lucky you!

I'm sorry to hear about the house. Bob and I are still waiting to hear the bank's decision on the house we made the offer on. I will be so disappointed if we don't get it. But there will be other houses out there so something just as nice will eventually come along.

Like Karen said, I don't know how someone could not fall in love with your house and yard! But until that perfect buyer comes along, have fun with all your wonderful gifts!

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