Leaf Drop on Clown Begonia

Mike314November 29, 2012

About 8 weeks ago I purchased a Clown Begonia (begonia maculata wightii) via the internet. It has put out 5 or 6 new leaves since then. However the leaves get to be from 2 to 5" long and then fall off the plant. The leaf separates at the stem end of the leaf petiole and it is a clean break with no sign of disease of any kind. In contrast I purchased a begonia Sofie Cecile and a begonia Pink Parade at the same time. These are potted in the same soil mixture (8 parts rich loam, 2 parts coarse sand and 3 parts medium perlite)and have the same light exposure. They are doing extremely well with no problems. The Sofie Cecile is doing especially well. It hasn't produced as many new leaves as the Clown begonia but they are very robust! Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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Mike, I guess nobody has the same plant who comes on here. I don't think I own it, but I have a similar species. Look at the left of the pic (posted somewhere else on here for the Ademium). This is a also a cane begonia, and they tend to get leggy. But if yours are are not growing to the full size before falling off, there is something wrong. Are you giving them any plant food? Some is good, but I don't feed every time. Also, I let it get pretty dry because it is hard to reach the pot to water it. Western exposure, 8 inch pot, canes about 30 inches tall.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I can only suggest over-watering which can make the lower leaves of cane begonias fall off. The different cultivars you have would appear to need different amounts of water.

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Hi Dzitmoidonc and Flora_uk,

The begonia on the left side of the picture looks like a Begonia Sofia Cecile, which I also have. That is a very vigorous begonia and has no leaf drop of any kind for me. The clown begonia has the typical angel wing leaves without any edge serations. It also has very large silver spots, which I suppose is the reason for the common name. I will try keeping the plant drier and see if that helps. I am concerned that the plant may need a much more humid atmosphere than I can provide in our home.

Mike 314

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