New St Augustine Sod questions

austinyankeefanMarch 10, 2008

We just laid 2 1/2 pallets of St Augustine "Raleigh" variety sod this past weekend. Browsing here, I realized I have no clue as to how to take care of this grass. We live in Austin, TX and have had just native junk growing in the backyard. We bought the grass at Home Depot and didn't get much instruction on care. We watered it well yesterday. How often should we water now that it's still new? Once it's established (when will that be?), I've noticed that most everyone on here says 3/4" of water per week. Is that good? How often and what should I fertilize with? THANKS so much for any advice. It looks so pretty right now...I want to keep it that way!

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First, If you haven't done so already you need to rent a water roller and fill it 1/2 full of water and roll it over the new sod. Lightly water sod beforehand. This will make sure the sod has good contact with the soil below. "This is an important step."

For the first 2 weeks you need to keep the sod moist. If you let it dry out for too long it will die

Week 1-2: Water 2-3x per day, 20min per zone or 1/4" of water each time.
Week 3: Water 1x per day
week 4: Water every other day - 1/2" water
Week 5 and ongoing water deeply and infrequently with 3/4-1" of water.

After week five the roots should have made full contact with the existing soil. To check, grad 2 fist full of grass blades and gently pull upward. It should not budge. At this time you could spread some fertilizer according to the directions. I would suggest something mild like milorganite or an organic fert.

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Thanks for the info skoot cat! We didn't do the water roller part. This is the kind of stuff I was hoping to hear! By the way, your lawn looks beautiful!!!

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Just planted St. Augistine lawn. Previously had Centipede and live in Pensacola. I read the lawn should now be walked on for the first two weeks. I do have two dogs which have to go out but I watch them carefully and they stay in the house. Will this be a problem?

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