Rubber Tree Repot

tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)November 14, 2012

So now that I have been schooled somewhat, I realize I really screwed up originally with my plants and am surprised they have made it this far. With that being said, I see that the Rubber Tree might be in too big of a pot and I want to repot into a smaller pot. Thoughts?

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Go for it! A smaller pot would give you and the plant better odds at success. Just be wary about water in these days with less light and warmth. Growth and adjustments to a new pot may take longer during winter.

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

ohh Dang!
i thought you were gonna give us some (pot) choices to vote on!? hehe

ive noticed my (other) ficus (in mostly 'native' soil) tend to really appreciate drying out between waterings,,, (assuming) yours is in 5-1-1 (?) i would likely (down) size to/with that accomodation in mind,,

btw thats a great Pic! ..a cpl cm's of crop and its Perfect. :)
Luv that Camo coloring too,,,
i also have one, a little smaller, im rescuing,, original soil, container,, struggling,, on the floor staring pitifully up-at-me,, needs more light i think,?
care-to-share any secrets on em?? :)

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

It is in 5-1-1. Should i do a one smaller pot or two? There are 6 stems. Going to store today so quick responses/opinions needed.

Joe, i dont have any tips really. Sylvie sits in a north facing window. I wipe her leaves often and although I read to mist the leaves.. My plant teacted negatively to it with a sort of infection on the leaves. I caught it quick enough so their was minimal damage.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I wouldn't mess with it again so soon, and at this time of year with so few hours of light. It looks fine, and if there are 6 individual plants, that's probably a good amount of root space.

Silent, more sun definitely sounds worth trying.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I agree. The pot size is fine if you monitor your watering carefully. When using the 5:1:1 mix, it wouldn't even be so important to monitor all that carefully because of how forgiving the soils are if well-made. Using a wick and tipping the pot after you water thoroughly will also help remove most of any excess water that wants to hang around and cause problems. Where you live, I would try to avoid repotting most houseplants from Aug through early Jun unless it was necessary to ensure the plant's viability, which in your case doesn't seem to be the issue at all.

Remember, as long as you're using a soil that allows you to water copiously w/o root issues, or are taking steps to manage any excess water your soil wants to hold on to, a big pot is your plant's friend. Plants grow much better (in good soils) when roots have room to run, but grow poorly in the same volume of a poor soil that holds too much water. You should be able to see, from this, that the blame everyone is quick to levy against over-potting/container size more rightly belongs at the feet of soil choice. I would have no hesitation about planting your plant in a 5 gallon pot of a well-made 5:1:1 or gritty mix. I do it all the time w/o issue.


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silentsurfer(6A OH)

Hi Tiff,
i'd tending to agree w/Al, and Purple,,

another thing ive recently come to take into consideration, is that in Summer (at least as i recall for me + Mine here) they Will dry out faster than they are Now,,,
i think the real key is as Al says "monitor your watering carefully"
thats just such a simple sounding, yet perfectly sound practice, thats so easily mis-undertaken by even some experienced growers,,,
i know (again for ME here) having some 70+ plants, in a variety of different soil mixes, and even wider variety of pot Sizes, its a fairly constant task of determining, and maintaining their watering needs. theres no 'schedule' here. will likely be almost impossible come Summer time...?

If i may say so, you might perhaps have a tinge of what-i-got,,
in that you start finding you want to 'mess-with-em' all the time in one way or another,,
and thats fine, but at some point ya gotta let-em-go and do their thing, right !?

I luv hearing other peoples 'plant-plights', they post, i read, i imagine a reasonably logical answere,, then wait to see what others reccomend and weigh that against my initial 'self-consultation',,, i often find i was wrong, or i just change my way of thinking, after weighing in the other considerations,,,

Another thing i 'thought' i'd enjoy a great deal is matching plants-to-pots,, but ive found its not quite as cut-and-dry as i imagined,,,

I was quite serious when i commented on THIS particular ficus specimen, it Looks Great to me, i luv it in that container, the colors, the size,, i think it all works really well together,, its maybe? just slightly large, but certainly not TOO large,,,, f. elastica can get large pretty quick under the right environment, and you dont want to be repotting every 6 Mnths right? ...only women change their shoes frequently, Not Plants. lol

I also didnt realize there were 6 individual plants (trees) in the container,,,
..cant really discerne that from looking at the picture,,,
...i would consider waiting untill Spring/Summer and then (maybe) seperating 1 or 2 from the group,, giving you some time to contemplate and/or collect another pot over the next few mnths,,,

could you perhaps share what YOUR considerations are (were)?
what makes you feel like you 'screwed-up'? why do you feel now this plant is mis-appropriately pot-sized?
Is it more of a 'size' issue, or maybe an watering issue,,?
Is there something youve learned about this species that you feel warrants an imminant change to its current environment?

Ive recently potted up some very small cuttings, in VERY small pots, and some are staying prettttty wet even still, for days even,, to the point where ive lost some due to (root) rot, this would be unimagineable in the summer where they would surely dry out in a matter of hours,, but when they DO get dry, theyre DRY. theres no buffer in an 1.25" seedling size planter/tray,,, i guess my point is, theres a lot of variables in (my) world here, but i can pretty much see whats going on,, i dont want to discourage you from making a change for the better if you think theres any issues you need to address regarding watering maintenance of this plant, in this (that) soil, in that pot. but do You ?
I'd luv to know what your thinking? :)

ps: i realize this is a late responce, and you mentioned a kind of 'urgency', so, if im too late, just disregard all this okay!? lol :)

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Thanks Everyone. I will leave it.

To start from the beginning, when I aquired these plants from my Aunts funeral, I knew nothing...NOTHING. I had a small ivy plant, which I potted in the same pot as the rubber tree is in...WHAT??? No wonder the dang thing died. I had 6 plants and I bought 6 pots, all the same size...that gray one. I planted everything in these pots without knowing the consequences. Because of this, most of the plants got root rot and I didnt know this until it was too late.

The ivy died, my arrowhead is dwindling and barely hanging on. I have killed the original palm due this stupid, stupid mistake...along with being too rough with the palms roots when I repotted. I maybe should have left the palm in the original pot and left it alone. But root rot might have been inevitable...who knows.

So now that I have learned from my careless mistakes, looking at the rubber tree in the pot close up, I felt the pot was too big. It seems that there is too much pot to takes over the plant. I want the plant to be the focal point, not the stupid pot. So I thought if I repotted it would not only look more beautiful, but be even healthier.

As I said before, I havent had any issued with the rubber tree except the mild infection from misting. And I tended to that quick and it was like it never happened.

( I would like to start a post on misting, because I am confused on it totally. Lots of people are highly against it, yet many ppl say their plants love it. Books and the internet says to mist some plants, so I just dont get it.)

Anyway, I just hate the pot. It is plastic and I am now against plastic pots. Phooey. But, I will leave it till spring and maybe split the plant into two plants, then I can enjoy it in two areas of our new house...(I cant wait for this...losing my mind at FIL's)

And Joe, yes, I dont just have a tinge of messing with my plants, I can stand there for long periods of time and look at them and examine them. I tend to do that when I am rocking Luke to sleep. I sway back and forth and admire . examine the plants. I cant help but to do tis so that I can catch any issues before them become a problem. But all are doing well.

I am proud of myslef for getting this far and doing as well as I am. One big issue I had was pot size to root ball. Some stuff I did was WAY extreme. I have since corrected those plants and they all are doing so well.

You guys are so awesome. Thank you for guiding me along the way and helping me. I appreciate you all so much! xo


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