Help identifying grass and how to get rid of it.

cashcrazyMarch 13, 2014

First post here, great site! I built a home last year and started my lawn with Bermuda seed(not sod). It has grown in nicely, but I would really like to take my lawn to the next level. I am located in E. Texas and have had the grass shown below grow in during the winter. Does anyone know what grass this is and a product that will take care of it without harming the bermuda. I appreciate any advice and any general tips for getting my lawn ready for the year.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Poa annua. Post emergent control with Round Up at low rate when turf is completely dormant (cheapest option). Safe but more expensive options are Foramsulfuron (Revolver) and trifloxysufluron (Monument). Then late summer/early fall apply a preemergent herbicide dithiopyr (Dimension), pendimethalin (Halts and Pendulum) and prodiamine (Barricade).

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Thanks for the reply joneboy. I have done more research on this grass since I now know it is poa annua. I found Monument 75wg available in a .5 packet to mix with 2gal water. I think this will be enough to deal with the small area of POA I am dealing with. Have you used a pre emergent in granular form for POA? I appreciate your shared information.

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Also, do I need to apply the Monument as if I were spraying weeds with round-up? Just a spray to coat the blades of the POA? Thanks.

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Yes, dithiopyr, pendamethlin, and prodiamine all work well in granular form, pendamethlin is cheapest. Yes, you want good coverage of the plant with no run off, also add a non ionic surfactant. The Monument application will probably take two apps since the poa annua is pretty mature at this point.

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I sprayed the poa annua with Monument a few days ago. I finally had to mow today and the green grass still looked strong with no major wilting or yellowing. Should Monument take effect within a few days. Below is a close up.

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Nothing is happening because your weed is not poa annua. Sorry cashcrazy, I did not take a very good look at your original post and seeing the close up photo I was way off, I apologize. Looking at your posts now I would say your weed is annual ryegrass or orchardgrass. Annual rye will die by the end of the summer.N.C. State claims sulfonylurea's, which is what Monument is, controls orchardgrass but orchardgrass is not on the label or on the labal of any other sulfonylurea.Control of orchardgrass usually requires Roundup. I posted a link to help you try and identify the grass.

Here is a link that might be useful: NC State weed id

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Thanks for the follow up. I believe this is annual rye. I sprayed round up on a few patches to see what happens. I will make sure I put down a pre-emergent this fall to keep this from happening again. Have you had good luck with a certain pre-emergent on rye? I appreciate all your info.

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also u may want to cut the watering off in June to help out. water sparingly and it will help kill off the rye. I believe amaze may help with the rye. I am going through the same problem right now.

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Thanks TD Harvey for the follow up. I have decided to spray some of the larger rye clumps with roundup and mechanically pull some out. Hopefully I can spread it out so it's not too noticable. To worst area isn't noticeable from the street so that area will get round up. The bermuda should fill in the bare spots fairly fast. Let me know if you find a good pre-emergent that can be applied in the fall to keep this from returning.

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Surflan (Oryzalin) and Dimension (Dithiopyr) are preemergent herbicides that control annual ryegrass. However, I don't think you will have this problem again next year with this specific weed.I believe the your weed problem most likely came from contaminated seed.

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