Shady Lawn Help!

LBH123March 28, 2013

Hi All -- Hoping someone can chime in with some tips on care for our shady lawn. We are in MA, with only about 1/4 acre.

When we bought it four years ago, it was full of moss and bald spots. We've made leaps and bounds over that time, but still crave that thick, green lawn that many of our neighbors achieve. Although our grass has come in, it is thin, and the roots seem shallow (it is easily pulled up by raking, or thanks to our playful pup).

We apply lime frequently and overseed in both spring and fall. Any tips on fertilizer types or schedules? Any other general knowledge I should have when dealing with a shady lawn? We've already got a large portion covered in pachysandra (which my husband hates), so I'd love to be able to save the little lawn we have! Thanks so much.

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Shade is probably the biggest obstacle to having a thick, healthy lawn. If that's what you really desire, then you will have to remove some trees/limbs. Outside of that strategy, if you have 3 hours of good morning sun, you can have a good lawn. If you have perennial rye or KBG, it will struggle every year. Tall fescue is very shade tolerant, I have areas that get 2-3 hours that do fine with TF. Fine fescue will also do fine in that amount of sun, but fine fescue is a bit wispy, and can go off color in summer as it goes dormant.

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