Any ideas for a chain link dog kennel?

bluestarmom(Zone 7)June 10, 2009

I was walking by our old unused chain link dog kennel and suddenly had an idea to try and make something out of it.I had a vision of it with a awning type roof, vines, old windows hanging on it along with some old yard art type stuff. Has anyone done anything like this or do you have any pictures of anything like it? It's 6Wx10Lx6H . Any other ideas on how to fix it up would be appreciated!

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I'm in the proccess of doing a chainlink gate. I'm going to put vines on it anlong with the white christmas lights and small cnadle holders with tea lights...

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Sounds like a great project but I've never worked with chain link so not sure. Be sure to post pics!

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My friend used her dog kennel to hang her bird feeders in because the neighborhood cats kept trying to catch the birds. Holes were big enough for the birds to get through but not the cats. Hope this might help with ideas. Anny

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I have a old chainlink gate. A pretty good size one. I took a metal brush to the rust, primed it with auto primer and paintered. Now I'm atemping to put lights on it and vines and a metal sign or two and maybe a few glass candle holders...

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Sorry didn't mean to post twice...

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I had thrown cantelope waste out in the dog yard. The seeds took & it grew on my cahin link fence. I tied colorfull bandanas to the fence as pockets for the fruit. You could put other stuff in the dandana pockets, bird nest, doggy statue pecking out, cat curled up in one, a squirrel, peanuts for the real squirrels?, etc.

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Marlene Kindred

You could use it like an oversized conservatory.....only with wire sides instead of glass. Guess you could always hang some old windows inside or out too. Plant things that would go up the sides, etc. Take a look at the site below...might spark some inspiration.

Here is a link that might be useful: Conservatory site

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You could braid palm fronds through the links and make it look like a doggy tiki hut! Add some large shells around the bottom and a couple Key West signposts.

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Hey! I am so glad this post has gotten some ideas put into my head. I have a chain link dog kennel that is being used, but hey, why can't the pups have some style too? Once I read the posts the old rusty gears in my head started to break free and I'm inspired. THANKS!

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FlowerGardener(Z4 MN)

We covered ours with white vinyl lattice from a home store and have clematis vines climbing up it also hung a bird house which is in use. On the gate we hung a leafman face plaque made for outdoors that we have had for years.

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Just adding one more idea. If you are a collector of rainforest plants this is a great way to suspend them.

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Well, it has to be "doggie" safe I'm not sure about plants...would ck to see if edible is ok! (at least with our dog) If I suspended a plant, my dog would have a heck of a good time playing "leap frog!"

Our's is 10x10 ... cement floor...and we lost the shade tree in storms last we just bought a "canopy" with aluminum parts & now there is a white pitched roof over the whole looks pretty good ...altho the white fabric stuff will probably not last...when it isn't usable anymore, DH is going to put that plastic green netting over the frame for the roof.

I planted the backside some yrs ago with Hosta's & a short space further back, I have a vignette garden with an old tractor field mower.

Some great ideas here...& I bet you will have fun! Jeanne S.

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best support from rain, snow or wind.
all you need is the plastic.
that's one of the ideas I've had for quite a while, was to use the sections of chain link fencing that comes in 10' sections.
then it can be any configuration you want.

and with 6'x10'x6', you'd have a good amount of space for flats of new seedlings, all around the edges, even two tiered, if you want.

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FlowerGardener(Z4 MN)

Just a little info our old dog kennel is no longer in use. The white vinyl lattice makes it look better and help hide what is inside, our big plastic compost bins. This year I added another bird house and put a large flower pot along in the landscape timber beds my DH made to surround the kennel where the clematis are planted.

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

You could hang sheets of black mesh on the outside and make a butterfly habitat. The inside could have plants to attract butterflies and nurture their caterpillars. You could have small rock formations around the plant groupings, or maybe a little walking path

You could have a small seating area so that you can enjoy a shady spot, a glass of iced tea and watch the action.

I realize the space is very small, but your imagination is huge. AND you could decorate the outside any way you want.

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I would love to have something like that. I would plant flowering vines on it, maybe gourds.. Something that grows thick to shade it all. Put something on the top for a roof. Put chairs or hang a hammock in there. Have a cool place to go on hot summer days.

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Whoops, bluestarmom...I didn't read your message good enough! "unused" kennel ... so, WOW, you could do about ANYTHING! I'm for planting vines...or Morning Glories (altho they do re-seed all over!)...but a Mandarin Honeysuckle is a great plant for vining over things...I have one on an arbor by our little pond.

I'm always lovin' birdhouses that could be a cool vignette on one long outside (10')fencelink...a nice bench beside the vine-covered side would be good...look in the Inspiration Album at some of these benches made from "beds"...I'll post link below.

Potted flowers are always nice (if you don't mind watering)...definitely needs a roof of some kind...canvas or mesh/small pvc pipe or alumn posts from tenting or something.

Anyway, have fun, have fun! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood Creations Inspiration Album

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