weed and feed and pets

mokey(7)March 16, 2008

my lawn is overrun with weeds and i need to do something about it now. i want to use a weed and feed on it, but i have a small dog (8lb chihuahua). i have live in this house for 2 years and am now getting around to doing something about the problem. what's the safest way to handle weeds if you have pets?

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

Keep mowing. That stuff is toxic and useless.

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billhill(z5 MI - KBG)

While "toxic and useless" are stronger words than I would use, combination weed and feed products are the least useful of the lawn chemicals. If you wish to feed, then use lawn fertilizer. If you wish to control weeds, then get a two or three gallon pump up sprayer and a can of weed killer suitable for your type of grass or geographical location. Follow the directions carefully and no harm will come to your pet Chihuahua. I have two dogs who routinely walk and play on our lawn. For many years I spot treated broadleaf weeds with liquid weed-be-gone. Give it a few hours to dry before letting your pouch out. Read the label and follow the directions carefully for any lawn chemical applied. Bill Hill

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Billl(z7 nc)

I'll 3rd the "skip the weed and feed" suggestion. I understand the temptation to use an all in one product, but you should resist that urge. Besides the fact that it isn't as effective as separate products, it is a large granule that sticks around longer than you want it to with pets. Plus, the stuff goes everywhere - on healthy grass and on the weeds - so there is a lot more chemical floating around to potentially impact your pooch. The easiest chemical solution is to spot spray with something like weed-b-gon. You can target the weeds specifically, so you put out less product. It also dries to the touch in a couple of hours. Over a couple of days, most of it is absorbed by the plant and moved down into the roots.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

Weed and feed fertilizer contain far too much poison needed to kill a few weeds ON THE GROUND and heavy rains will wash them down the street into the storm drain into the river into the ocean....

I would go with weed be gone since it only goes on the grass, not the ground with much less poison. Like Bill Hill, follow the direction carefully. I haven't had major weed problems so i never saw the need for it. I just mow and be done with it.

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Call your vet before using any chemicals in your yard.

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Here's another "skip it" recommendation. You're hurling herbicides around that aren't necessary over much of the lawn and it isn't going to do your dog (or you) any good.

If you can double your mowing (twice a week instead of once) would help a lot. Many weeds dislike being mowed. You don't have to change heights.

If you must use chemicals, spraying the weeds individually, or even area spraying with the correct chemical for the weeds you have, is much better. Plus you can skip an area for the dog, leave it two weeks, and then do that and move the dog.

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okay, i will use weed b bone or maybe even roundup. what kind of fertilizer is better for the lawn? the liquid kind? also i may have to reseed part of the lawn. grass seeds should not hurt my dog if she should eat some right?

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Please don't use Round-Up, it'll knock out whatever's left of your lawn. ;-) Weed-B-Gone would be just fine.

You can even get that with crabgrass killer and do everything at once (if you have crabgrass, that is).

Grass seed is pretty much harmless, as long as it's not moldy or rotten or otherwise gross. If it were...you wouldn't be putting it down anyway. Most dogs don't seem attracted to it.

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If you reseed you lawn or over sow this should be fine for your dog (if consumed) although you may need to mow him/her occasionally! Seriously though a good fertilizer that I have found is the granule type that breaks down over a few weeks.

My backyard is pretty much a putting green and I use a number of products to control different weeds and keep the lawn healthy. A Weed n Feed works well with Poa Annua which is common in varieties of couch during the cooler months.

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